New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
April 21, 2000

Attendees: Ilona Caparros, Jeris Cassel, Mary Fetzer (chair), Rebecca
Gardner (recorder), Ellen Gilbert, Brian Hancock, Ron Jantz, Martin
Kesselman, Linda Langschied, Ferris Olin, Pat Piermatti, Francoise Puniello,
Thelma Tate, Ryoko Toyama, Ryan Womack.

1. The minutes of 2/18/00 were approved. (Note: those minutes should be
corrected; they say 2/19/00)

2. Announcements from Chair:

a. The 1996 report of the Task Force on New Brunswick Libraries, chaired by
Marianne Gaunt, has been scanned and can be found under NBL Faculty
Functional Organization at: http://nbl/nblfaculty/nblfachome.html on the NBL
website. The report of the transition team that followed is not yet on the
web, but hopefully will be there by this summer. Mary Fetzer has a paper
copy that anyone is welcome to look at. Mary has also gathered the access
services plan, D21 plan and other reports and compiled them in a binder,
along with a set of NBLF minutes.
b. Mary distributed the a chart on the status of open lines (including
search committee chairs) as of 4/21/00 which librarians may annotate as
positions are filled). There may be a few additional open lines (with
librarian V's on them) not listed here. Ryoko said that after a person has
been in a position for more than 12 months, he/she must be given benefits.
If someone is on a line for more than 2 continuous years and is expected to
be terminated, the person must be given notification of such at least 7
months in advance. Several of our librarian V's have been here more than 2
years. There will be a meeting of people involved with evaluating librarian
V's soon. Issues regarding librarian V's in general may be an appropriate
topic for a NBLF meeting.
c. Mary has culled the NBLF minutes for decisions made. She has
"codified" these decisions, and added just a few words for clarification.
She distributed these "bylaws" and asked that we adopt them. Francoise
asked about procedure; bylaws should be introduced today and voted on at
the next meeting. It was decided to put it on the agenda for a final vote
at the May NBLF meeting.

d. Next NBLF meeting dates: May 19 (AAUP workshop on promotion is same
time.) June 16 (same day as RUL faculty meeting in the morning. Therefore,
we will move the NBLF meeting to the afternoon of the 16th. Ryoko offered
to have lunch brought in between meetings.)

3. Directors Reports:


a. Ryoko and all attending offered congratulations to Mary Fetzer on her
recent promotion to Librarian I. (The library faculty is still short when
it comes time to form committees for people coming up for Librarian I.)

b. Marianne Gaunt will be honored with an award from the NJLA College and
Research Section.

c. Vacation reminder: no more than 22 days may be carried over. We were
asked to inform a member of the administrative team when we will be out for
vacation, conferences, etc. When Ryoko is away for more than several days,
Francoise is in charge. When both are away, chair of NBLF is in charge.
Ryoko will be out of town May 12-23.

d. Faculty leaves: Sabbatical July-Dec 2000: Connie Wu, Ilona Caparros;
Sabbatical Jan-June 2001: Marty Kesselman (NOTE: Mary Page's name should be
added here); Short Research Leaves summer 2000: Ron Jantz, Ryan Womack, Joe
Consoli. Ryoko noted that people have been sensitive to the academic
calender when applying for these leaves. Faculty will close ranks during
these times.


a. Received a grant for Window Eyes, a program helpful to blind and
learning disabled that allows the screens on computers to be read aloud.
The grant covers equipment, software and training. Furniture is not
included. Each of the major libraries will be getting one and will need to
decide where to set it up. (Users will be provided with microphones.)

b. Kilmer vision statement committee continues to be thinking about how to
use the building in the future.

c. RUNet 2000 is underway. Kilmer's roof work should be done in 2-3 weeks.
RFP for roof work for Douglass is going out. Will be quite expensive. The
back bay and HVAC system for the annex are being completed. All work at LSM
is continuing.

4. Report of the Exploratory Committee on Faculty "Time-Out" or Conference:

The recommendation is that we should have some sort of conference with the
theme "putting users at the center." Location yet to be determined. Date
will probably be sometime in January. (Midwinter is Jan. 12-17) January
should give us enough time to plan. Also, we will hopefully have more
people on board (lines filled) by then. Some of the issues we might discuss
are: the changing natures of service, technology, classroom instruction, and
collections. "Mini-discussions" and white papers before the conference
could help build momentum for it. We will need a facilitator. Ryoko asked
us to let her know our budget needs well in advance. Mary Fetzer will put
out an email call for volunteers for a planning and development committe

5. Review of NBL Travel Policy and Guidelines:

The original Travel Policy Committee resigned. Joe Consoli volunteered to
take on the responsibility, has been doing it since 1998, and is willing to
continue. There was $13,282 in travel fund this year. All has been spent.
Ryoko urged us to spend out the travel funds each year. She would like to
see an increase in the amount we are allotted for travel. She also reminded
us to include money for travel in our grant requests. We began to review
the NBL Travel and Policy Guidelines but discussion was tabled until the
next meeting when Joe will be present and can clarify, provide history and
think about possible amendments. All expressed appreciation to Joe for
doing this job.

6. Demo of Dow Jones Database:

Ryan Womack gave a demo of Dow Jones and stressed that it includes much more
than strictly business information. A handout was provided.

7. Demo of CNTS (Cross National Time Series):

Ron Jantz gave a demo of CNTS. This database is universally available but a
password is required. Address is: A handout
was provided. Contact Ron if you would like password. Mary Beth Weber will
be cataloging this database. Ron also mentioned that the Alcohol Studies
Database, demo-ed at the last meeting will be appearing on the Indexes page
of the library website.

8. Old Business: