April 20, 2001
9:30 am, Pane Room, Alexander Library

Present: S. Bartz, J. Cassel, K. Denda, H. Dess, M. Fetzer (Chair), R. Gardner, E. Gilbert, T. Glynn, B. Hancock, S. Harrington, S. Hines, H. Hoffman, R. Jantz, L. Langschied, J. Mardikian, K. Mulcahy, L. Murtha, P. Page, H. Perez-Gilbe, P. Piermatti, F. Puniello, E. Stec, A. Tallau, F. Tehrani, R. Toyama, L. Vazquez, M. Wilson, R. Womack, C. Wu

Approval of minutes
The minutes of the March 16, 2001 meeting were approved.

The chair introduced the new Art Librarian Sara Harrington and new Digital Initiatives Librarian Scott Hines.

The chair congratulated Myoung Wilson on her promotion to Librarian I. Myoung received a round of applause.

The chair mentioned that more interviews for various positions are coming. NBLF are encouraged to attend the presentations and meet the candidates.

Directors' reports

Toyama The director's email communications are sent out to various lists including NBLF, NB staff and the Cabinet.

The director thanked people who responded to the UL's inquiry about IEEE/IEE online package via VALE.

Puniello D21 Phase 1 Program Committee is making progress. The members had several meetings. A user committee was established and the timeline was set up.

Annex will be closed during the summer for three months. Patrons have to go through ILL or Uncover to get unavailable materials.

AUL search is moving along.

Election of NBLF Chair and functional group (NBCDG and NBISG) Chairs
To assure continuity and backup for NBLF chair and the functional groups chair positions, a mechanism of election should be determined. M. Fetzer and A. Tallau provided a discussion draft for the group to consider. After the lively discussion, the following decisions were made:

For NBLF chair position:
Keep the current NBLF chair for another year until June, 2002; there was unaminous acclamation
Elect a deputy chair/chair elect to begin July 2001. The person will serve for 2-year terms. The newly elected person will serve first year as a deputy chair and second year as a chair.
Every spring, NBLF will elect a new deputy chair/chair elect.

NBLF chair will send out a call for the nomination for the deputy chair/chair elect. The nominations should be submitted to A. Minch by May 4th. It was agreed that those nominated for the position must be tenured.

For Functional group chairs:
Retain 2-year terms for functional group chairs (NBCDG and NBISG), but with an understanding that each functional group will designate, by election within the
group, a vice chair who would be prepared to step in during the absence of the
chair. Each functional group should determine its own method of electing a vice chair. A. Minch may be asked to handle the ballots if the functional chairs wish.

Chair of each functional group will send an email to NBLF so there will be a formal registration mechanism

D21 Discussion Meeting Report
Denda $1.8 million is available for Phase 1 of D21, which will involve complete renovation of the Main Level of the Douglass Library, with construction to begin in summer 2002.

The purposes of the meeting was to discuss and compile a list of New Brunswick-wide recommendations for future Douglass Library services. A user study was conducted among patrons over a 5-day period. The results are as follows:
desire for quiet study space
less than 20% of respondents were from Douglass College
not enough computers
computers/servers often malfunction
would like place where could consume food/beverages

Major recommendations for D21 Phase 1 Program Committee are as follows:
Provide a café in the main floor to attract patrons
Move a number of the computer lab computers into the Reference area
Place more photocopiers behind soundproof barriers in the Reference area
Move the periodicals, microform collection, and microform readers up from the Ground Level
Consolidate service point for Reference desk, Access Services desk, and Periodicals desk
Music Library maintains own identity-and a separate service point
Create multipurpose space for digital reference, telephone reference, and reference consultation

Demonstration/Discussion of XML
Hancock XML (Extensible Markup Language) is not actually a markup language but a set of rules for writing a markup language. It's configurable and arbitrary so that the user can define the tags.

Cocoon is basically a big java servlet that can render HTML files automatically from XML.

XML will become the standard for document delivery on the web in the near future.

Old business

New business

The meeting ended at 11:50am.

Secretary per diem, Connie Wu