New Brunswick Libraries Faculty
18 June 2004

Present: S. Bartz, E. Calhoun, J. Cassel, H. Dess, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner (Chair), T. Glynn, S. Harrington, T. Kuchi, P. Libutti, K. Mulcahy, L. Mullen, J. Niessen, P. Piermatti, F. Puniello, E, Stec, K. Wenk, M. Wilson

The agenda was approved, and minutes of the May 21st, 2004 meeting were approved with corrections submitted by L. Vazquez. In paragraph six, line four, "In the social sciences" was removed; and African Studies Department was corrected to African Studies Program.

Acting Director's Report

F. Puniello reported that the Exploratory Committee on Faculty Line Proposals has been formed and will meet Monday for the first time. J. Cassel will chair; other members include H. Dess, M. Fetzer, and L. Langschied. The new SCILS intern to begin in August is Melissa John.

Because a large number of NBL faculty will be attending ALA, Francoise reminded faculty of salient features of the new travel reimbursement procedures. This includes things such as the need for detailed receipts (credit card slips no longer sufficient), submitting the boarding pass for flights (not just the ticket), no reimbursement for any liquor, etc. There is a $60 per diem meal allotment, but detailed receipts must be submitted, and you must indicate who has the original of the receipt. If one choses to take the $30/day allotment, you must take that for all days; no mix and match. See the complete travel reimbursement for full procedures.

Francoise also reminded librarians to take advantage of skills of the Administrative Services Team as they could do more than we are asking of them. Also, Sheila Creth will be onsite August 2-3 as consultant on RUL organizational issues and will meet with Cabinet August 2d. And, candidates for the Music Librarian position have now been interviewed; please share comments with K. Mulcahy.

By-Laws Revision

A revision to the by-laws, discussed at our previous meeting, was moved by Dess and seconded by Mulcahy with unanimous approval by the faculty. The By-Laws, under II. Organizational Structure, section A. will now read, "The Deputy Chair/Chair Elect is elected from among the tenured members of the New Brunswick Library faculty for a two-year term which begins July 1st…"

The chair also commented on other potential by-laws revisions. It was agreed that the words "Technology Team" would be struck from II.B. in the online version that is currently posted and a correction made to the initial line so that it will read "The Faculty is composed of two functional teams:" These revisions were previously approved.

R. Gardner said that at the recent RUL faculty meeting, the merger of the Coordinating Committee and the Planning Committee was approved and asked whether we wished to continue to have the Chair of NBLF continue to be the NBL representative to this merged committee. It was agreed to leave our by-laws statement as is in II.A. and that the Chair shall continue to represent us on the merged committee.

A question on voting rights was brought to the Chair by S. Bartz and discussed. Following considerable discussion, the following amendment was offered by K. Mulcahy: "Librarians IV who have served less than a year are invited to attend but shall not vote. Librarians V are invited to attend, and after two years of service may be invited to vote by the chair or team leader." F. Puniello suggested that University Regulations be checked before proceeding with any amendments and it was decided that we will hold off on any vote to section V until September to allow for fuller discussion and discovery. The vote to move the resolution on in the fall passed with one opposed and two abstentions.

Goals for 2004-05

After reminding faculty that annual reports will be due July 20th, Francoise asked for an expression of goals for the forthcoming year. In the area of collections, a number were suggested, e.g. developing an advisory program with the state that H. Dess would be willing to champion. It was proposed that selectors try to partner with departments on fund-raising; some departments such as English have already been successfully approached, but there may be stiff resistance in other departments. E. Stec noted that people getting grant money are sometimes frustrated that where the money goes is not transparent and that it generally does not go to the library as some would expect. M. Gaunt has been discussing this issue with Furmanski.

A short-term goal might be how to meet user needs vis-à-vis the Route 18 extension problems envisioned. P. Libutti noted that many students, particularly in the professional schools, are working professionals who will have even further problems navigating on-site use of the libraries. She will work on championing this issue at least for GSE. H. Dess suggested the need for additional teleconferencing equipment, especially for LSM; and L. Mullen asked about our commitment to expanding e-books. T. Glynn mentioned that NetLibrary has an option to add public domain e-books.

M. Wilson suggested that we examine our relationship with Central Technical Services especially in regard to the approval books. Glynn suggested that approval books may eventually come to us shelf-ready anyway; they can probably be placed on separate shelves for librarians to see, although returns will be discouraged.

K. Mulcahy proposed exploring ways of enhancing our participation and role in governance to ensure the best possible structure for the NB Libraries.

In the area of services, M. Wilson commented that we need to focus on ways to make our services more accessible.

End-of-Year Reports

Collections: H. Dess, as Chair of NBCG, provided detailed figures on the overall NBL collections budget and how its status changed over the fiscal year with infusions from Furmanski and funds found by Gaunt. The approval plan suffered, and it was necessary to dip into Van Waggoner funds to cover approvals this year. It was recommended that since suddenly we now have some end-of-year funds to spend quickly, that perhaps some of those funds could be used to replenish Van Waggoner. We currently have over $400,000 which must be spent quickly; acquiring Arts & Sciences in JSTOR Arts & Sciences II will be one solution, and we may be able to prepay some larger bills.

NBCG also developed a white paper this year on the budgeting process. The report is available online, but no action has taken place. Two new selectors were welcomed this year, K. Hartman and C. Finlay (SMLR). And, despite our budget problems, new databases were added to the collections.

Information Services: M. Wilson reported that S. Bartz co-authored with Tony Joachim an excellent, succinct report entitled "Computer Training for Common Tasks." M. Wilt will develop a program that will bring training to the local environment. Last fall, a committee of F. Tehrani, G.Smulewitz, J. Cassel, and F. Olin studied the need for more integrated and consistent quality of service at our various service points and authored the report of the Seamless Information Task Force, which discovered that 51% of our staffing is done by student workers. The reference team leaders each have a copy of the report.

Work continues to progress on an online directory that will serve as a reference tool for New Brunswick. Also, the NBL instruction coordinators issued their report on instructional issues, but the report was a draft working document that required further work. There is a plan to bring the issues related to NBL-wide BI activities to one of the NBL faculty meetings in the fall for further discussion. In addition, S. Bartz developed an online statistical reporting form that now facilitates our collection of statistics on BI, AAL questions, reference questions, etc.

Wilson said that because NBISSG reference team leaders have considerable responsibility in personnel/staffing matters, it is preferred to have tenured librarians serve in those positions. However, K. Denda will assume the role of Acting Reference Team Leader for Douglass upon her return from sabbatical.

NBLF Chair: Since we did not fill the NBL Director position this year, Rebecca reminded NBL faculty to be involved in the forthcoming organizational discussions as much as possible, and that Gaunt wants the process to be an open one.

NBLF activities this year included J. Gardner's presentation on cooperative access agreements; J. Zapcic's discussion on fund-raising; and demos on the IRIS Bibliographic Instruction Module and Open URL. NBL members were also involved in the D21 renovation and in the hiring of temporary Librarian Vs. We updated our by-laws, decided on a rotation system for providing refreshments at our meetings, and set goals for 2004/05.

The meeting adjourned at 11:15 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Mary Fetzer, Secretary du jour

18 June, 2004