New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
September 9 , 2005

Jackie Mardikian (chair), Kevin Mulcahy, Lourdes Vázquez, Ferris Olin, Jane Sloan, Mary Fetzer, Mei Ling Lo, Kayo Denda, Laura Mullen, Ryan Womack, Tom Glynn, Mira Foster, Francoise Puniello, Karen Hartman, Jeris Cassel, Ron Jantz, Martin Kesselman, Ying Zhang, Rebecca Gardner, Patricia Piermatti, Connie Wu, Triveni Kuchi, Sara Harrington, Patricia Libutti, Bill Hemmig, John Shepard, Lawren Wilkins, Linda Langshield.

Agenda and Minutes:
The agenda was approved. Past minutes were approved. A minute of silence was devoted to the Katrina Hurricane victims. Two new Librarian’s V’s were introduced to the group.

Director's report - F.Puniello
NBL annual report was finished and copies were sent to all the NBL Administrative offices. Staff lines were discussed at Cabinet and two more lines were approved. New staff lines are frozen as of Sept 6. There is no as yet an operating budget for the library. Students from New Orleans are beginning to arrive in campus. The re-organization of Rutgers University to form a unified undergraduate college of arts and sciences is underway. It was mentioned in the meeting that Douglass and Livingston are not in agreement with the merge of the colleges and some discussion will have to take place in order for the final re-organization of the undergraduate program. Francoise will be writing a statement as per NBL on the status of the libraries and the reorganization.

Chair’s Report – J. Mardikian
Copy of the NBL Organization chart was sent to everyone.
By-laws amendment. Section III Meetings (previously distributed by email) was amended. Faculty meetings will take place every other month.

Discussion about NBL Director position- M. Gaunt
Three units reports prepared by Access services, Collection Services and Digital Infrastructure will be sent next week for comments and reactions from NBL faculty. Until the final assessment of these units a decision of inviting candidates for the director’s position will need to wait.

Faculty reaction: Concerns about how much time will be needed (so far two years had passed with a vacancy of the NBL Director’s seat). The Faculty brings to MIG attention the need for an NBL leader that could help us focus and strategize the different tasks and projects, mentor the un-tenured faculty, work on the daily administrative issues as well as represent us at Cabinet. Faculty members discussed possible models for NBL director’s seat among them converting the position into a Chair of Department position. MG suggested another model: NBL director with other functions as a RUL associate: a deputy director for example. As per the imminent possibility that all staff will be centralized the faculty also expressed the need to maintain the necessary environment to continue working creatively and in direct contact with them. Concerns related to the ‘detachment’ of Cabinet from the librarians and the absence of any significant input of the NBL faculty into this unit’s discussion were raised.

The NBL chair will collect all the faculty comments by September 20. M. Kesselman and J. Sloan volunteered to write the final report with Jackie and submit it to MG.

NB ISG update- M. Kesselman
The NBL Information Services Group and the Information Services Steering Group were merged. In order to work in strategic planning NBL librarians were asked for new ideas/comments and or possible projects. Three areas or categories were brought to the table: Instruction, Reference, and Outreach. M.Kesselman will tabulate and circulate the results of the survey.

Respectfully submitted by
Lourdes Vázquez