New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting
March 10, 2006
Pane Room

Bartz, Brown, Calhoun, Denda, Dess, Gardner, Glynn, Hartman. Kruglinski, Lo, Mardikian, Mulcahy, Mullen, Olin, Piermatti, Puniello, Shepard, Tehrani, Womack, Wilkins, Wu, Zhang.

Recorder: Olin

The agenda was adopted with modification (#5 NBISSG Report was tabled as Cassel and Kesselman were attending another meeting).

Mary Ann Kruglinski, a new Librarian V at Alex, was introduced.

The minutes of the January 13, 2006 meeting were approved.

Acting Associate New Brunswick Librarian Tehrani made no report.

Acting New Brunswick Librarian Puniello reported that:

Discussion on the findings of the LibQual Report focused primarily on suggestions for RUL marketing and public relations:

Information about the proposed reorganization of RUL and its impact on the NBL organizational structure were discussed. This is a transition period; on July 1, the new structure will become effective; Gaunt is developing job descriptions for the two AULs and selecting a search firm. Puniello is already taking on the duties of the new AUL for IRS.

Selection of next year’s NBL officers will be made through an electronic nomination and balloting process, despite the suggestion made at the April 2005 NBLF meeting to establish a Nominating Committee. All agreed that the Chair and Deputy Chair serve, de facto, in this role, in any case.


The next faculty meeting is scheduled for May 12, to be followed by a tenured faculty meeting.