Minutes of the New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting  
August 10, 2007

Present:  Bartz, Caviness, Denda, Dent, Fetzer, J. Gardner, R. Gardner (recorder), Glazer (guest), Izbicki, Kesselman, Kuchi, Mardikian, Mullen, Niessen, Shepard, Stec, Ward, Wilson, Womack (chair)

Ryan opened the first meeting of the year by stating that rather than asking for motions and seconds, he may ask if the group agrees on a particular issue and then, saying “hearing no objections”, simply move on with the meeting.  The chair also indicated that he may want to limit the number of times each person speaks during lengthy discussions.  These two changes may allow us to get through agendas more expeditiously.

Adoption of the agenda
The agenda was adopted.

Approval of the minutes

The minutes of the June 2007 meeting were approved.


The group welcomed and introduced ourselves to our new colleagues: Marketing Plan
New ILL/RDS Interface
Judy gave a very informative presentation on the new ILL and Article Delivery System.  She began by explaining that when RLG merged with OCLC the ILL manager system was no longer supported.  ILLiad software was chosen to replace the old system.  ILLiad allows for articles from any RU library on any campus to be delivered to the desktop.  Judy demonstrated the new system, including new request and ILL functions in IRIS.  A suggestion was made to add the Ask A Librarian button on the ILLiad screens. Judy mentioned that one of Access Services’ goals is to activate direct requesting from WorldCat and ArticleFirst via OCLC in the next year, however licenses and partnerships need to be established before this can happen.

Sharon Fordham Center

Eileen presented an update on the status of the Sharon Fordham Center at the Douglass library.   Fully funded by a member of the Douglass class of 1975, it will be a state of the art multimedia studio.  Eileen shared two videos that document the construction progress.

New Science Library
Laura described the vision for a proposed new science library for Busch campus.  A concept document was submitted to the current Capital Campaign.  The rationale for a new building is based in the fact that moving to digital collections that are accessible remotely allows for the disbanding of the branch libraries on that campus (physics, math, chemistry, alcohol studies, etc.) and the academic departments can reclaim the space.  Some departments are interested in collaborating with the libraries in constructing a new building.  For example, the physics department would like to include a “hall of learning”.  The new library would be an environmentally “green” building.  Eileen and Marty may set up promotional space in Second Life.  

Other Capital Campaign Projects
Triveni stated that the Kilmer library submitted a proposal for expansion or renovation.  There are many plans floating to spruce up the Kilmer campus, including “College Town” which envisions an area of housing, shops and open space.  The Kilmer library would like to tap into that energy.  The proposal includes electronic classrooms, collaborative study spaces, and a media hall.  Another suggestion is to make a covered path between the library and the nearby campus center and encourage more collaboration between the two.

Discussion of NBL Priorities and Issues
Ryan asked for a round-robin to consider what issues the group feels are priorities for the coming year.  Topics aired were as follows: