New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the September 11, 2009 Meeting

Kesselman(recorder), Hu, Denda, Hoffman, Stec, Izbicki, Sloan, Springs, Schulman, JGardner, Hartman, Kranich, Lo, Womack, Wilson, Kuchi(chair), Glynn, Mulcahy, Bartz, Niessen, Yang, RGardner, Wu, Gasparotto, Fetzer

Minutes from last meeting will be posted, agenda adopted

Interim AUL Report

Mary unable to stay for the meeting past 10Am due to scheduled class. Plans to keep collection responsibilities and has asked Marianne that a deputy be appointed while she is interim. Kevin has been elected as ad-hoc personnel chair. Mary will not continue as Chair of LRC so a new election will be held. Plans to meet with Gary Golden and Mark Winston and non-tenured librarians (futures group). We are moving forward on Music line and interviews are planned.

Faculty Coordinator Report

Vibiana hopes to improve lines of communication from elected officers and chair. Using Sakai for goals. Sees some gaps in procedural matters. She noted that it is important to clearly articulate NBL needs to Marianne.

Discussion on open AUL line

Triveni handed out previous AUL position description (that was distributed by Marianne at the August meeting) and noted that at the August meeting, there was a consensus amongst those present that there was a need for an AUL and an associate/deputy line. A lively discussion followed. Some of those in attendance were not at the August meeting and several points were presented that questioned the role of the associate position. It was felt that the distribution of responsibilities between the AUL and the associate position should be thought of carefully. For instance, it was suggested that only staff reporting to the associate would create sort of a class difference since the work of the NBL is primarily team-based. It was also suggested that the position of the AUL should be designed differently. There was an agreement that the title of the AUL position should also include "director of NB libraries" since that is a significant part of the responsibilities of that position. It was also felt that there is a need to make research services an important focus of the position given NBL's research environment. Other comments included the following:

A motion was made to create a leadership planning study group to study leadership needs for New Brunswick Libraries and provide language towards a job description for two positions of AUL/RIS and Associate/Deputy AUL/RIS. Vib will also ask about the possible timeline for posting a revised AUL/NBL Director position. It was suggested that Triveni (as NBLF chair) and Mary (as Interim AUL/RIS) come up with suggestions for members of a planning group and that Nancy Kranich serve as a consultant to the group. The charge of the group is to come up with possible models that with input from NBL faculty would result in a new job description for an AUL/NBL Director.

Open Lines/Targets of Opportunity

Marianne has asked for creative ideas and suggestions of possible candidates. The targeted groups are minorities based on race/ethnicity. Outreach is one area to look at for potential roles within the Libraries.

Chairs Report

Triveni is looking at NBLF goals from the July meeting, in particular faculty development, technology support, and budget support. Triveni will meet with Mary about these goals.

Stephanie - NBLF listserv is moving to Sakai and archived there.

Tom G - Sakai site is set up for ISG. Please look at the spreadsheets for the writing program and sign up to give instructional sessions for topics of interest. ISG meeting is next Wed. at 3PM in the SCC seminar room. All NB librarians doing public services as well as computing specialists should attend.

Ryan - NBCG, Coutts transition is underway. Training and profile meetings are being held next week.

Myoung - MLIS orientation is today at 4:30PM. Please come if you can.

Jane - Fordham Lab is now open 30 hours/week with students and some technical support is available.

Tao - SAPAC is organizing programs. Please see him if you have ideas.

Meeting adjourned.

Respectfully submitted by,
Martin Kesselman

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