New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the January 22, 2010 Meeting

M.Lo, M. Gasparotto, E.Stec, M.Oswell, G.Springs, C.Wu, J. Sloan, R.Womack, K.Hartman, K. Denda, R.Gardner, Q. Hu, L. Mullen, J.Cassel, J.Niessen, T. Izbicki, J.Gardner, S.Bartz, M. Fetzer, J.Mardikian, M. Wilson, S. Harrington, T.Glynn, T.Yang, M. Kesselman, D.Schulman, H. Hoffman, (Recorder), T.Kuchi , (Chair)

1. Agenda


2. Introduction of new Music Librarian

Michelle Oswell was welcomed to New Brunswick Libraries.

3. Interim AUL/RIS Report - M. Fetzer:

4. Campus Vision Plans:

Discussed two documents: 2007 Vision Plan and Physical Master Plan for New Brunswick/Piscataway, and their implications for the Libraries. There will be several significant moves of departments, centers and schools and we must plan for how we will adapt to these changes with new models of library services and collections. Some examples: School of Business has funding for a new building on Livingston for which construction has begun. When they leave Levin building, SMLR will move in possibly having a "virtual" library. (There is some resistance by faculty and by Unions who built and have significant interest in usage of the Labor Education Center and the Carey Library.) Sociology will move to Douglass, International Area Studies is planned for Corwin, Social Work and GSE will move to Livingston. Currently at Livingston, the student center is renovated and expanded, a dining facility is being built, new dorms, a hotel-conference center and college town apartments are on their way. Already Kilmer library has noted an increase of almost 5000 uses/month during Fall 2009 as compared to Fall 2008. In addition, School of Business will add thousands of additional students by 2012 and Livingston is also being considered as the "First Year Campus." In light of all these changes, how will role of Kilmer change? We were encouraged to visit the changing Livingston Campus to see the changes for ourselves and make suggestions. It was suggested that electronic resources make locations of physical collections less important - also mentioned that historically we do not move collections when departments move, but that our services will change, liaison librarians will need to work with and around all these changes as needed. Work efficiencies and productivity of librarians across NBL will be affected. Also noted that usage of Library's change also due to location, rather than collections, as Art Library has significant use as study/computer area and pickup site. Chang also experienced increased usage after modular classrooms were installed on site adjacent to Foran Hall. It was at this point decided that these issues should be discussed at LRC . (see below). Also the implications for liaison relationships with departments, centers, institutes need to be integrated in the discussion. Do liaisons have to be "on site" in relevant libraries or should they be embedded in departments/centers/institutes? Need visible librarians to preserve the role of the liaisons and cement the importance of the libraries. Whether "in library" or "embedded" will be different depending on discipline. Discussed whether services for Professional Schools are different. Also possible eventual mergers with UMDNJ and NJIT would affect us.

Discussed which task forces and committees should be involved in bringing this discussion forward. Perhaps not an LRC issue yet - still a New Brunswick/Piscataway issue? It was decided that this discussion will initially be introduced as appropriate agenda items via NBISG and NBCG to carry forward or for further discussion.

5. Chair report - T. Kuchi

NBL web pages have been updated on Staff pages. Archival content has not been moved. It was agreed the Reports from the Director (archival) should be included at this site. Previously created NBL structure group consisting of Myoung Wilson, Joe Consoli, T. Kuchi, and Melissa Gasporotto has been disbanded. S.Bartz and T.Kuchi will review the NBLF bylaws and bring it back for discussion.

Chair also asked if NBLF should have a review/planning group that will study needs, future positions, look at areas of change in NBL and at the literature to see where potential Librarian lines would be most useful and have greatest impact. This would be of significant help for urgent decisions that may need to be made if a line unfreezes or a potential position or target opportunities need to be decided within a short deadline. It will also potentially help the AUL/RIS plan. Discussion continued on role of former "NBL Exploratory Committee," "Planning and Coordinating Committee", and likelihood of knowing, in advance, where openings might occur. M. Fetzer and T. Kuchi will look at how/whether to convene a group to look at our potential needs over the next several years.

6. NBCG and NBISG updates

R. Womack submitted written report for NBCG and distributed it over email. T. Glynn, for NBISG, reports that the Instruction Task Force will be reporting back and that there may be changes in Reference in response to Campus changes.

7. Round-Robin

M. Fetzer attended ALA, will send report separately on Laptop Lending Programs. J.Gardner, at ALA, reported on session on Distance Education. Also, we have gotten additional funding for extended hours for the semester and during exams. Design for Welcome Desk at Alexander has been approved. Media has service changes - she and J. Sloan report that there will be Media Reserve Collections at Alexander and Kilmer. Kilmer will be a pickup site for bookings. Hours are expanded for Media Center and Fordham Lab - keeping hours at the lower level of Douglass the same as for the Douglass Library. New Media Center equipment is up and running. Music Media Collections are part of Media Center. Working on updating SIRSI. J. Cassel requested volunteers for Instruction sessions. L.Mullen reported that assessment and evaluating return on investment will be important initiatives - expanding beyond just science titles. Also, new APS Style guides in New Brunswick have all been replaced with new, corrected. additions. R. Gardner pointed out that website now has links to Gifts form. K. Denda was pleased to report that on visit to Schlessinger Library at Harvard, there was praise for the Rutgers Women's Studies collection. J. Sloan's contribution to building that collection was noted. M.Kesselman mentioned that will bring together data from many centers. Collection at site still not heavily populated but will become useful. D. Schulman reported that SMLR is redoing its websites with a consultant. It will include SMLR Library as well as links to RUL. C. Wu mentioned that there are more than 27 kinds of e-book readers, now required in some Canadian universities. Some reports are favorable, but some, regarding use for textbooks, are not. G. Springs viewed the Educause webcast on mobile devices. Archived webinar is available at:

E.Stec suggested that we contact her with subjects for any tutorials we would like to see created - do not have to create them ourselves - just suggest topics. T.Yang reminded us of the next SAPAC brown-bag lunch on Wednesday when Mark Winston will discuss community outreach.

Respectfully submitted by
Helen Hoffman

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