New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the May 14, 2010 Meeting

S. Bartz, K. Denda, M. Fetzer, R. Gardner, M. Gasparotto, M. Gaunt (guest), S. Harrington (recorder), K. Hartman, Q. Hu, T. Kuchi (chair), M.L. Lo, J. Mardikian, J. Niessen, D. Schulman, G. Springs, E. Stec, R. Womack, C. Wu, T. Yang

1. The meeting was called to order at 9:37 a.m. and the agenda was adopted as submitted.

2. Chair's Report (T. Kuchi)

Rebecca Gardner will serve as the NBLF chair 2010-2011, and Sara Harrington will serve as the vice-chair / chair- elect. Kayo Denda will serve as the Arts and Humanities subgroup chair of NBCG of 2010-2012, and Triveni Kuchi will serve as the General / Reference subgroup chair of NBCG for 2010-2012.

3. AUL/RIS Position Status (M. Gaunt)

Caroline Caviness, the former RUL/SCI Diversity Intern, completed two reports that compared the RUL structure to peer institutions. Most institutional structures are somewhat idiosyncratic, based on institutional history and personnel issues. In consultation with M. Fetzer and J. Gardner, M. Gaunt has determined that the way the AUL/RIS position is set up currently is workable, but it is certain that two people are needed, one to concentrate on system-wide issues, the other with a more New Brunswick-centric focus. In short, the clear delineation of roles is necessary. We will go forward with the way the position is designed currently, with some tweaking if necessary. However, we do not wish to recruit in the current fiscal environment; it is preferable to wait until later in the fall semester, perhaps November. NBLF members will have an opportunity to comment on the profile of the job description.

M. Gaunt recapped the budget situation, as it is currently known, in an email to rul_everyone on 5/21/2010.

In addition, M. Gaunt noted at the meeting that the Governor's Task Force on Higher Education is currently examining issues relating to the potential merger of the Thomas Edison State College and the New Jersey State Library and Museum with Rutgers. Likewise, issues surrounding the merger of the state's medical schools with certain campuses (UMDNJ Newark with NJIT, CINJ and UMDNJ New Brunswick with Rutgers New Brunswick, and UMDNJ Camden with Rowan) are currently being explored. Reports on these potential mergers may not be issued until December 2010. It would be wise to proceed and prepare as if these mergers were going to take place, in terms of our strategic planning process.

The gravity of the budget situation means that RUL will lose lines. Cabinet will begin discussing these issues immediately, looking to address the necessary cuts in the most strategic way possible. Within our existing services, for example, what should we cease doing, or do differently? How can the existing Council and Committee structure connect more effectively to the administrative structure as we move forward together to make decisions? A plan is due to VP Furmanski by June 7, 2010.

M. Gaunt thanked M. Fetzer and J. Gardner for their exemplary service as Acting and Acting Deputy AUL for Research and Instructional Services, respectively.

4. Interim AUL/RIS Report (M. Fetzer)

M. Fetzer attended the recent Cabinet retreat. M. Fetzer has been asked to submit a 5.1% budget reduction for RIS. Faculty were reminded that the major components of the RIS budget are salaries / voucher / below-the-line monies. For the time being, we will not fill the Alexander Library-based Administrative Assistant position. M. Fetzer has signed off on certain contract renewals. We must try to think in different ways about the budget. While the budget-related deadlines that M. Fetzer must meet are imminent, she welcomes feedback.

5. Travel Group Membership (R. Womack)

R. Womack's term on the travel group is coming to a conclusion. J. Mardikian volunteered to serve with Marty Kesselman on the travel group. There is a desire to continue to support, as much as is feasible, the untenured faculty for their attendance at professional conferences, etc.

6. FCP Process Information and Discussion (C. Wu)

C. Wu reviewed in general terms, and responded to questions, on the process used by the FCP Committee, chaired by J. Consoli, this year. There was some discussion about the difficulty of mapping the current annual report structure to the categories (librarianship, scholarship, service) voted on by the NBLF and used by the FCP Committee to arrive at their decisions. If the FCP process exists in the future, we may wish to consider coding a second copy of our annual reports in some way with designations for these categories. Additionally, NBLF members may wish to consider the criteria and transparency of the process itself.

7. Bylaws Review and Discussion (T. Kuchi)

About Section I. Membership, initial discussion centered around whether or not we wish to consider library buildings to current degree in the designation of the membership of the NBLF. After some additional discussion, consensus was reached on the following phraseology:

"Membership shall be composed of Librarians I through Librarians V who report to the Associate University Librarian for Research and Instructional Services and the librarians from the Center of Alcohol Studies and the School of Management and Labor Relations."

Some discussion followed on the listing of specific numbers of meetings in the bylaws in Section III. Meetings. The following wording was agreed on: "Meetings are scheduled at least twice a semester and additional meetings may be called as necessary." The sentence "The location for meetings will be revisited periodically" will be omitted.

Under Section VI. Minutes of Meetings, the clause "they are distributed to rul_everyone and" will be added to the following sentence: "Once the minutes are approved by the Faculty at a subsequent meeting, or via email, they are distributed to rul_everyone and are posted to the Rutgers University Libraries website."

T. Kuchi will make the necessary changes to the draft of the bylaws and will distribute them to the membership. The changes will be voted on at the next NBLF meeting.

8. Margery Somers Foster Center (K. Denda)

K. Denda, the head of the Margery Somers Foster Center since 2008, gave a presentation on changes to the focus of the center. The emphasis will be on multi-media creation, expression, and bringing a new dimension to library services to students.

During 2010-2011, a pilot initiative will take place. Sessions will be offered on interview strategies, new media skills, and digital literacy. A suite of services that include workshops in these three areas will be repeated strategically at opportune moments in the semester.

There will be a concentration on the e-portfolio, which is a component in Sakai being used by the Douglass Residential College. The focus in the use of the e-portfolio is knowledge production and sharing. The Margery Somers Foster Center will offer two undergraduate multi-media awards per year. The award will come with a $250 honorarium.

These new services, and the multi-media award, are a way to market both the Margery Somers Foster Center and RUL. It is hoped that RUL will be able to archive and develop a compilation of examples of outstanding undergraduate research and multi-media expression over the years.

The Margery Somers Foster Center website: foster/foster.shtml will be updated to reflect these new initiatives.

In developing these new initiatives, K. Denda was guided by the following overarching questions:

To respond to these questions, K. Denda conducted an environmental scan, engaged in widespread consultation, and reached out to constituencies such as the Douglass Residential College, the Knowledge and Power mission course, the Women's and Gender Studies department (and in particular their Feminism and Visual Representation course) and the Institute for Women's Leadership.

Given the centrality of multi-media expression in the 21st century, it is hoped that creating opportunities for student knowledge creation will make RUL a catalyst in the knowledge creation process itself. The potential impact of this project is:

The pilot initiative will be assessed from year-to-year. Please contact K. Denda with any feedback, questions, or comments.

9. NBISG & NBCG Report (R. Womack, T. Kuchi)

R. Womack will present an analysis of circulation at the NBCG meeting on Friday, May 21, 2010. The LRC subject teams have begun discussing the budget implications for collections. It is likely that both NBCG and NBLF will hold June meetings in order to discuss budget-related developments.

10. There were no announcements.

11. The meeting was adjourned at 11:55 a.m.

Respectively submitted,
Sara Harrington

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