New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the November 4, 2011 Meeting

Consoli (recorder), Yang, Glynn, Morgan, Womack, Mullen, Cassel, Niessen, Mulcahy, Lo, Denda, J. Gardner, Mardikian, Springer, Deodato, Wu, Kuchi, Sloan, Fetzer, R.Gardner (chair), Kesselman.

1. The agenda was unanimously approved.

2. The revised minutes of the September meeting were unanimously approved.

3. Report of the Interim AUL for Research and Instructional Services - Mary Fetzer.

Three packets for reappointment arrived to Fetzer and will be distributed to Reading Committees by Tuesday. The tenured faculty will meet on these in January.

Puniello and Fetzer have toured the various libraries investigating requests for funding for projects if the Bond issue November 2012 is realized and the Libraries receive their requested amount. The first priority is completing the 3rd floor shell at the Dana Library. Committees will be set up at each library to refer plans, so that, even if no money comes our way, maybe we can complete some needs in house.

At Cabinet Gaunt and Hendrikson presented retrospective and 2011 pie charts for the use of State Funds, with the idea of non-state and below the line charts to follow.

Fetzer stated that it seems the budget is stable same as last year but no figures yet on voucher monies.

Overscheduling has occurred in Major Public Events in RUL space. Fetzer advises all to contact Janie and/or Harry before solidifying an event's time and place.

Fetzer warned that keeping lines vacant for too long can result in vulnerability.

She also discussed the need to consider "succession" planing. Niessen stated this was brought up in Planning and Coordinating Committee.

At present one supervisor position is open at Alex. Access Services is looking at how best to utilize that line.

Sloan reminded the group that outstanding lines used to be a standing item on our agenda, suggesting we should return to that policy.

4. Rutgers Initiatives Abroad

Gaunt and Fetzer met with the VP for International and Global Affairs, Joanna Regulska and had a lively discussion on how the libraries might fit into the global programs and how we might help without over-committing our limited resources.

The focus for now is on China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and Liberia. Rutgers is pursuing a variety of grants, many from the Obama-Singh Knowledge Initiative. Monies, given jointly with other Universities, have been awarded to us for India and the President will visit this winter. Wu and Kesselman wrote and received an Engineering Foundation Center Grant to help with the multi university USAID EHELD Excellence for Higher Education grant for agricultural and engineering studies in Liberia at Liberia at the University of Liberia and Cuttington University. Kesselman traveled to Liberia to begin the process. Wu expressed the need for open source software based on Cornell's TEAL model, especially to capture on a hard drive materials from IEEE and World Intellectual property. He and Wu will present this discussion at a program on March 7th at Alexander entitled Digital Divides-a program from the Technologies w/o Borders program.

SEBS and some SAS departments are working on the Indonesia initiative. Brazil and Rutgers will be working on having students come to Rutgers for one year. A grant was received from The Institute for International Education and the lead will be taken by the Center for Latin American Studies. Gasparotto will be our link to this endeavor.

We have the closest relationship with China to date. Regulska is hiring a Director of Rutgers Initiatives in China who will reside in her office. The President is planning a trip to China in January.

Regulska's office is setting up 3 Rutgers Subcommittees: International Curriculum, Dual Degrees and Partnerships.

5. Mulcahy informed all that Non-State allocations are ready to be spent and are posted in workflows. Phonothon and Endowment funds are less this year. There is a dire need to discuss allocations and non-state funds promptly.

6. Ryan introduced Aletia Morgan-Research Data Specialist to the group. She will be working with us on Database management, preservation, Archiving, larger designing for custom data. Morgan stated her willingness to help anyone with concerns regarding research data.

7. Roundrobin

Mulcahy-Last Art History Librarian candidate will be on campus Wednesday and Thursday.

Wu-Advertising of the Zimmerli Museum programs enthusiastically received by Engineering students.

Glynn-Succession Planning discussed at NBISG -- resulting in a need for a New Librarian's Toolkit.

Denda -- Office of Study Abroad will have an orientation on Nov 19th. Denda and members of the Liaison Team working with the Office of Study Abroad (Niessen, Yang, Gasparotto) will attend the event.

Motion to adjourn by Consoli, seconded by everybody.

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