New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Meeting: Minutes of the September 7, 2012 Meeting

Denda, Wilson, Sloan, Womack, Schulman, Lo, Mullen, Niessen, Mardikian (chair), Mulcahy, J. Gardner, Kesselman, Just, Wu, Glynn, Hartman, Fetzer, R. Gardner (minutes), Springs, Kuchi, Nathanson

1. Agenda was approved.

2. Reminder that the minutes of the May meeting were approved via email.

3. NBLF Chair Report-Mardikian

The NBLF Sakai site and RUL webpages have been updated.

The meeting for January may be cancelled as the date conflicts with the VALE conference.

4. Travel Report-Mardikian

Mardikian attended a travel workshop which reviewed how to fill out TABER forms, etc. We should get our travel budget by the end of September. It will probably be about the same amount as last year. The group agreed to allocate $500 for each tenured and non-tenure track librarian. Untenured members on tenure tracks are each eligible for $1,200. There was a general discussion about trying to spend out monies in a timely manner. The question of the possibility of separate research funds, to be spent in areas other than travel, arose. Ryan will take the issue to the Planning and Coordinating Committee.

5. AUL/RIS Report-Just

Michelle Oswell has accepted a position outside of Rutgers. A farewell reception is being planned.

RUL will be hosting a librarian from China from October-December. She will be here to learn about academic libraries in the US and there may be opportunities to partner with her on projects.

The libraries sponsored many activities for "Scarlet Knight Days".

We were reminded to use the new wireless reporting form to submit problems in the libraries. We should also encourage students to use the form when they are experiencing trouble. Combined problem reports should help improve access in the libraries.

In the absence of a chemistry and physics librarian, Hoffman is handling chemistry and earth and planetary sciences, and Wu is handling physics.

Will need someone to cover for music/performing arts.

Stec will be covering as SCI liaison.

Denda is taking care of Gasparotto's areas while she is on sabbatical this fall.

Springs will be on sabbatical next semester and that position will also need short term coverage.

Teams have convened to work out all integration issues involved with the UMDNJ merger.

6. Open Lines Discussion

Earth and Planetary Science has been removed from the chemistry and physics line. Hoffman will continue to cover this area, although the teaching faculty come from many subject backgrounds and may work with various librarians. Responsibility for data management in the sciences has been added to the chemistry and physics librarian position. Any science librarian may be involved in data management; this newly recruited person will be expected to provide coordination and leadership in this area. S/he will also work closely with the RUresearch Data Team and others working in data management.

The position of an Instructional Design Librarian was discussed. This person would focus on the first two years and transfer students. The person would be expected to develop automated tools to supplement face to face teaching. The position would lead an instructional team (formal or informal) from all campuses. The question arose as to whether the pc coordinators might have a support role in this area. NBLF supported the idea that the Instructional Design Librarian be the liaison to the Graduate School of Education, since s/he will probably have relevant educational background and experience and be in an excellent position to collaborate with GSE.

Just will move both of these APPs forward.

In the short term, there will be two half time positions. One position will report to Nathanson and the other will report to Stec. Their main responsibilities will be teaching.

Nathanson will send an email to NBLF clarifying how general instruction will be handled this year.

7. Announcements

Reminder that the tenured faculty are scheduled to meet at 9am on Wednesday, September 12th.

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