Minutes for February 5, 2016 Meeting

Leslin Charles, Janet Brennan Croft, Kayo Denda, Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Karen Hartman (chair), Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen (recorder), Laura Palumbo, Ryan Womack

1. Agenda and previous (January 8) minutes were approved

2. Chair's Report (Hartman)

The PEC will meet February 29 but is still waiting for the dollar amount that will be at its disposal for merit raises. It may need to work with a theoretical amount. When awarded, the merit raises will be accrued retrospectively.

Chat Task Force: M. Just wants feedback on the charge, and is still looking for volunteers. As we were meeting, she was touring Alexander with the architects as part of the space planning process. The same group toured Douglass last week.

M. Just wants to reactivate the Exploratory Committee, has indicated that we may be able to do one or more searches. 28% of NBLF's lines are currently vacant: business, media, 2 government docs lines, life sciences, instruction, medieval studies/philosophy/religion, preservation. The members of the Exploratory Committee are Tom Glynn, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Jim Niessen, Laura Palumbo, Jon Sauceda, and Ryan Womack, Kayo Denda, Karen Hartman. The science librarians should consult and notify the committee of their needs.

M. Just has also stated that liaison responsibilities may need to be rethought, redistributed.

LibQual will start at the end of February, and M. Gasparotto will need help on this. This is a standardized survey about library services, with funding for incentives offered to respondents, perhaps Barnes & Noble gift cards.

3. Update on RUL Reorganization (Glynn)

PlanCo has stated that the three main councils will carry on. The open PlanCo meeting produced a good discussion, whose minutes will follow. Among the principles that will govern the establishment of groups, "trust" is important: avoid excessive duplication in committee roles.

K. Maloney has announced that Cabinet will direct the process of reorganization. Glynn and Borisovets will strive to represent the faculty in the process.

Two additional matters, concerning the bylaws:

  1. Any proposal with regard to university regulations must go through Barbara Lee
  2. The election of the faculty coordinator needs confirmation from K. Maloney. This should be discussed in a meeting of the RUL Faculty. The current membership of the councils and CSC will likely continue beyond this year, given the uncertainty about their future roles.

4. NBL Department Heads (Womack, Gasparotto)

R. Womack reported that kickoff meetings have been held for the Research and Content teams, which discussed their initial steps and goals. M. Gasparotto reported that two of the three teams have met, with Global to meet next week.

K. Maloney would like State of the Libraries to meet twice per year.

The Experience Department is chaired by M. Just. Its only team is the Service Points Team, which has met once. The SPT will hold conversations, not necessarily building-centric.

The Steering Committee for NBL has met repeatedly, is discussing communication. There may be all-NBL meetings. There is a consensus that there are many meetings, and many doodle polls. The forthcoming calendar might not be the solution. There is the prospect of a new intranet, which T. Purger says is "ready to use."

There needs to be a "philosophical discussion" about the appropriate use of NTTs; the Exploratory Committee is interested in this too. Will NTTs have a special role in face to face and virtual reference? The former Core Responsibilities Task Force stipulated that librarians should do a full range of public service functions.

5. Douglass Reference Services (Denda)

There are two librarians in Douglass. LIS students have traditionally on the front line, and K. Denda, J. Sauceda, and Andrew Ruggiero have shared backup responsibilities. The number of questions is small, but larger than at Kilmer. K. Denda's proposal was accepted that the library school students may call Alex Reference if the in-house librarians are unavailable. The calls should go to the direct phone number of the librarian's work station at the Alex RefDesk, 2-6090.

6. NBLF Bylaw Revisions (Hartman)

Bartz has prepared a draft; Hartman and Denda will meet with her and present the revision at the April meeting of NBLF

7. Assessment Minute (Charles)

"Curriculum and Instruction" is a doctoral level class in which Charles has collaborated with a GSE faculty member. A Libguide is embedded in the courseware, and students use the tutorial, its annotated bibliography assignment. Charles examines the students' drafts and provides feedback. There is also a "Course Research Tutorial". A survey form provides an opportunity for student feedback at the end.

In response to a question, Charles replied that the exercise could be applied with other course, but would require adaptation in consultation with the instructor. It was noted that both RefWorks and RefWorks 3 have an annotation feature.


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