Minutes for May 6, 2016 Meeting

Leslin Charles, Janet Brennan Croft, Kayo Denda, Joseph Deodato, Rebecca Gardner, Karen Hartman (chair), Melissa Just, Mei Ling Lo, Megan Lotts, Kevin Mulcahy, Jill Nathanson, Jim Niessen, Ryan Womack (recorder), Connie Wu
Melissa Gasparotto, Tom Glynn, Marty Kesselman, Triveni Kuchi, Laura Mullen, Laura Palumbo

1. Agenda and previous meeting minutes were approved.

2. Chair's Report (Hartman)

No meeting is planned for June. Kayo Denda will become NBL Chair in July and will plan future meeting schedule. An election will be held for the incoming Deputy Chair.

3. Director's Report (Just)

Just will be putting forward two library faculty positions, for Business and Biology, which can be posted as soon as positions are approved and descriptions are finalized. The other positions are still a high priority, but the goal is to hire in small groups so that there is not a large cohort arriving simultaneously. Also, we want to be somewhat cautious before the next FY budget is finalized.

The Planning and Coordinating Committee will discuss the lines as in the past, but their role in suggesting changes is now more limited, since the lines are dedicated to NBL exclusively. PlanCo still provides useful feedback.

Just reported on and discussion the recent incident involving the exhibit "Vitruvian Man" at the Art Library. Both options -- to take the art down, or to leave it up - were problematic and regrettable. In the future, Just wants to be able to defend any controversial art or exhibits and maintain their presence in the Libraries. However, in this case, there was no defense of the art possible under the existing exhibit criteria, and the art had not been curated nor had any context been provided for the viewer. The artist was also not able to provide a timely statement addressing the exhibit controversy. The exhibit policy was not followed, mostly because few were familiar with the policy before this incident. As a result, there will be discussion and review of the policy and procedures for any art presented by the Libraries in the future. Presenting controversial and challenging works are part of the educational process at the University, but the placement of these works should allow viewers to choose to view or not to view them. By having clear selection criteria, curation, and context around exhibited works, Just hopes to never have to take down a piece again.

Further discussion raised issues surrounding existing art in the Libraries. The provenance of pieces is not always clear, nor are our obligations to donors and to care for pieces. In some prominent cases, art is on permanent loan to the Libraries, and the stewards of those collections are responsible for any movement or maintenance of the works.

Overall, this controversy raised important issues that need to be addressed, and also stimulated a mostly lively and respectful intellectual debate on campus among students.

3. Service Points Team update (Just)

Just reported that the Service Points Team has completed its feedback sessions and is working to compile the information gathered. They will also receive comments from LibQual and incorporate those into their report. Boyle has coded the comments. The quantitative analysis is being done by ARL and will come soon.

4. Bylaws revisions (Hartman)

The proposed bylaws revisions were unanimously approved and will be posted to the website.

5. Off Campus Programs Report (Nathanson)

Nathanson reviewed the programs offered to off campus students by Rutgers. These are primarily degree completion programs physically located at community college partner locations, although there are several higher level nursing programs and one School of Social Work master's degree program. The Division of Continuing Education offers any of the programs that involve New Brunswick faculty.

Courses are offered at Atlantic Cape, Brookdale, Mercer, Morris, and Raritan Valley Community Colleges. Newark, Camden, and RBHS also offer Rutgers programs at these locations.

Nathanson is coordinating her work with Vib Cvetkovic so that similar services are offered to students taking off campus programs through the Camden office of off campus programs. She ensures that Rutgers enrollees have access to library services at each campus. The Brookdale satellite campus does not have a library, but users can request books be delivered to the Rutgers program office at that location. Users in off campus programs must use the "Special Request" button, not "Book Delivery" in the Catalog, to borrow materials. This is a known problem, but cannot be resolved at this time for technical reasons. Off campus users also have access to E-Z Borrow, although this is slow since books go to RUL first, then to community college locations. Also, online only students can request delivery to any remote location.

Physical reserves at the off campus sites is a work in progress. Local librarians can provide reference support and are often willing to do instruction. M. Just clarified that NBL librarians are not being asked and are not expected to travel to remote locations to provide instruction. But NBL librarians should be aware of the needs of these users and support them when reference questions come in or are referred.

Nathanson is working on improving online help materials, videos, and services, including clarifying what is available to off campus vs. distance users. She also will be reaching out to faculty teaching these courses to ensure that they know about these services (while respecting liaison relationships). Many of those teaching in these programs are PTLs and adjuncts.

6. Research and Content Update (Womack)

Team Leaders for Research and Content met for the first time as a group to coordinate their work and consider collaborating on overlapping goals. Otherwise teams continue to meet and work as reported at the NBL all staff meetings.

Learning and Engagement did not report since Gasparotto was traveling.

7. Media update (Denda)

Denda provided a review and guidelines on media ordering. Many factors go into a media order, and selectors should provide information about pricing, format, and vendor when placing orders. Staffing for orders is limited, and most decisions are best left to the selector. Denda's handout will be posted online, and provides links to video distributor lists, VALE pricing discounts, and other guidelines.

For example, the selector may choose a physical DVD or Blu-Ray, online streaming purchase, online streaming rental for a limited period of time, with or without performance rights, and so on. Most videos are available from multiple vendors and platforms at varying prices and discounts.

Selectors should be aware that Swank titles (Swank primarily covers Hollywood commercial films) are not listed in the Catalog or in the Discovery tool. Selectors should check Swank to see if we already have access to films in this category. Swank titles rotate in and out of the collection, but we can request that certain materials be kept, so again the selector must decide about the duration of the purchase.

NJVid is another source for videos A title can be listed in NJVid without Rutgers having access, so the selector should confirm that it is viewable before concluding that it is available via NJVid.

Closed captioning is becoming an issue, with some schools being sued for access. William Paterson has proactively decided to caption all of its open access titles. There is a significant cost to doing this, however.

8. No announcements

Meeting adjourned at 11:15 am.

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