New Brunswick Libraries Faculty Organizational Chart, 2004-2005

Chair: Kevin Mulcahy* -
732/932-7129 ext.129
Alexander Library

Deputy Chair/Chair Elect: Jackie Mardikian** -
732/445-1337 ext.307
Library of Science and Medicine


Collections Group

Chair: Howard Dess* -
732/445-1337 ext.315
Library of Science and Medicine

Arts & Humanities Subgroup Chair: Kevin Mulcahy**

Reference Subgroup Chair: Jeris Cassel** -
Kilmer Library

Science Subgroup Chair: Jackie Mardikian*

Social Sciences Subgroup Chair: Mary Fetzer*
732/932-7129 ext.121
Alexander Library

Information Services Group

Chair: Myoung Chung Wilson* -
732/932-7129 ext.126
Alexander Library

Vice Chairs:
Jeris Cassel -
Kilmer Library
Penny Page
Alcohol Studies

Information Services Steering Group Members:

Reference Team Leaders:

Alexander Library: Kevin Mulcahy**

Douglass Library (Acting): Kayo Denda*
732/932-9407 ext.23
Douglass Library

Kilmer Library: Jeris Cassel

Library of Science & Medicine: Pat Piermatti
732/445-1337 ext.202
Library of Science and Medicine

Branch Libraries: Penny Page

PC Coordination Team Leader***: Stephanie Bartz
732/932-7129 ext.122
Alexander Library

Common Knowledge Database Team Leader***: Ron Jantz
732/932-8573 ext.180
Alexander Library


RUL Instruction Services Committee: Jeris Cassel

RUL CDC Generalist Team: Kevin Mulcahy

Associate Members:

Reference Library Associates/Unit Computing Specialists

Anthony Joachim
732/932-9407 ext.22
Douglass Library
Pamela Johnson
732/445-4806 ext.306
Library of Science and Medicine
Kevin McGuire
732/445-3163 ext.113
Kilmer Library

* Term ends June 30, 2005

** Term ends June 30, 2006

*** Subgroup of the Information Services Group

June 25, 2004

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