Associate University Librarian Position Descriptions
Associate University Librarian for Planning and Organizational Research

The Associate University Librarian for Planning and Organizational Research is responsible for insuring that all planning, program, and policy development activities of the Rutgers University Libraries are integrated with and supported by research, analysis, measurement, and reporting. The associate university librarian develops and manages the Libraries' ability to conduct effective planning and works collaboratively with administrators, councils, and faculty and operational committees to conduct ongoing and targeted assessments that result in high quality services and focused support for the academic and research priorities of the university. The associate university librarian leads planning and analysis for the effective allocation of resources to meet current needs and to anticipate future priorities. The position reports to the university librarian, works closely with other associate university librarians and with campus directors, and consults with an array of people, units, and groups across the Libraries and the university on a wide variety of issues.

The associate university librarian functions at the highest levels of conceptualization and analysis, including awareness of the ethical and legal landscapes relevant to libraries and higher education, while insuring the integration of results and implications into managerial practice. The associate university librarian provides leadership and substantial contributions to the growth and continued success of the Rutgers University Libraries.

Last updated: July 3, 2006
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