RUL World Languages Translation Project

There are 22 languages taught at Rutgers University - why shouldn't the RUL webpage speak them all?

The RUL website is the gateway to our library services. In order to increase outreach to the diverse communities of New Jersey and to enhance our worldwide accessibility, the Public Services Council has formed the RUL World Languages Task Force. The Task Force is charged with providing an introductory web page to our library services in multiple languages.

The Task Force needs volunteer translators and reviewers to contribute to this project. We have prepared a short introductory text in English for translation into as many target languages as we find volunteers for. You can view the English text here (MSWord).

We are also seeking translators for the Guide to Library Terminology, available here (MSWord). If you would like to serve as a local contact for library patrons speaking a particular language, you can be listed on the language page as well.

How it works

The translations will be posted on the RUL home page, and you will be credited for your contributions. We are looking for at least two people to work on each language, although larger teams can be formed. No knowledge of HTML is needed; Task Force members will work with you to provide the necessary links. However, we much prefer translators submit their work in electronic form.

Those who can write at the level of an educated native speaker of the language are especially encouraged to contribute to the project as translators and reviewers. Anyone with some knowledge of the language is encouraged to help review the translations for accuracy and cultural connotations. The Task Force will provide tips for translators and additional guidance.

In the first phase of the project, the following high demand languages will be prioritized: Spanish, Italian, Chinese, French, Arabic, and Portuguese. But we will provide translations for as many languages as there are willing and qualified volunteers.

Please indicate your interest in being a translator, reviewer, or language contact using the sign up form (/rul/forms/world_lang_1.shtml). Please contact me if you have questions or would like further information about the project.

I hope you will seize the chance to share your language skills by participating in this exciting project.

Ryan Womack
Chair, RUL World Languages Task Force

Last updated: July 24, 2007
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