Strategic Directions for Scholarly Communication

Scholarly communication is the process that defines what scholars do: perform research, publish their results following procedures of peer review, and gain access to others' research so they can begin the cycle anew. RUL's role in scholarly communication has traditionally been to facilitate the first and third stages of this process by acquiring and providing access to information resources. However, rising costs and stagnant budgets make it increasingly difficult for academic libraries to support their mission in the traditional way. Like other libraries, RUL must also advocate and even lead fundamental change by increasing the options for affordable and open access to scholarly content. Advocacy and leadership should not only be a propagandistic activity, but involve library collections, services, and even publishing in the interest of the Rutgers community. Strategic directions are therefore provided for both advocacy and for practical action. The second follows from the first and is in many areas intimately related, but is more difficult and ultimately more productive.

Scholarly Communication Outreach and Advocacy

Practical Action in Support of the Transformation of Scholarly Communication

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