Minutes of March 18, 2003 Meeting

K. Au, S. Bartz, M. Belasco, A. Butman (recorder), J. Gibson, N. Gonzaga, P. Johnson, K. Kuehl, D. Kuzma, K. McGuire, D. Voorhees

Systems Update:

The following users machines were upgraded the week of 3/10: Rose Barbalace, Paul Cabelli, Stacey DeMatteo, Meghan Doyle

The number of NBL PC Plan machines to be installed is 8

The number of System Wide machines left to be installed is 4

The pc formerly used by Joyce Watson was swapped out for Ian Bogus at LSM

Beginning the week of 3/24 Systems staff will be going around to each staff machine to perform maintanence which includes the installation of

The ILL Manager clients will be installed/upgraded as follows:
Alex ILS 3/19
Camden ILL 3/20
Dana ILL 3/21

Systems will install NetOp School software as follows:
Dglss 3/19
Kilmer 3/20
LSM 3/21
Chang 3/24

In the past, Systems has tried upgrading the Ariel machines currently using Minolta PS3000 to version 3.3 however the software was found to be incompatible with the scanners. A new ASPI layer client is available, Systems will try upgrading the Ariel client on these machines again using this new client. If the upgrade is not successful the machines will once again be backgraded to 3.01.

Problems with Ariel scanners should be reported to Imaging Services, Darryl Voorhees specifically, via email or phone. Darryl will troubleshoot the problem and deem whether a ticket should be opened or a vendor should be contacted.

The Chemistry library will be transitioned by the end of March. The first floor, basement and bottom basement of Alexander and Camden are scheduled to transition some time in May or June.

A printout of the scheduled power outage for 3/29 was handed out as a reminder. All library servers will be available on this date.

A. Butman reminded people to put in requests for new user logins and users who are moving to different units in time for the logins to be created for the users start dates.

N. Gonzaga will add a "Delete User" option to the Novell login request page. He will also distribute lists of users to their respective coordinators to go through and update.

The Douglass Novell server will be upgraded this week. The only server left to be upgraded after Douglass is Alcohol which is expected to be upgraded within the month.

Wireless: The RUCS implementation is the acceptable standard for the libraries. Any library wishing to adopt this standard will need to pay for the equipment themselves. Contact Anne Butman for an estimate. NOTE that there is an issue with public networked printing on wireless networks. Darryl Voorhees will get more information on this and report back at next months meeting as well as contacting M. Lo who is currently interested in implementing wireless in Math.

The D21 construction has begun. The front entrance to the building is locked. Staff and patrons can gain entry through the Laurie Music entrance located in the back of the building by walking around to the left of the front entrance and following the walkway. Those needing a handicap accessible entrance should use the loading area.

The Teaching and Learning Advisory Committee (TLAC) issued an invitation to PCWG to join their committee. Nick Gonzaga and Anne Butman are members of the committee and will serve as PCWG representatives.

Darryl Voorhees is looking into whether or not Imaging Services is ready to move ahead with networking the micro scanning machines. The most current version of the software was recently installed on the machines however the issue of saving files as .pdf as opposed to .tiff remains.

The libraries inventory: Resides on libdglss in vol1\groups\common\pcwg\staff_inventory_total.mdb Only coordinators should update their areas on this inventory however the inventory should be backed up before any changes are made. The Department field should represent the physical location of the pc. S. Bartz will update the department options to accurately reflect all current departments. PLEASE NOTE: Updates should not be made to the inventory until Stephanie Bartz has made necessary changes. Stephanie will email the list when she is finished fixing things.

Recorded by John Maxymuk

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_03-03-18.shtml
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