Minutes of October 21, 2003 Meeting

K. Au, S. Bartz, M. Belasco, A Butman, N. Gonzaga, T. Joachim, P. Johnson, D. Kuzma, J. Maxymuk (via teleconference), K. McGuire, D. Voorhees.

1. Systems Update

The final round of PC upgrades will be installed by November.

Systems has interviewed for Sho's position and hopes to have the position filled by November.

2. Password Security Policy

The group discussed the parameters for this and John will draft a policy and post it to PCWG for comments.

3. Backup Policy

Anne's existing documentation needs more depth. She will post it to PCWG, and we will discuss it next month.

4. Exit Procedures

The group went over Nick's draft and recommended changes. Nick will make those changes and send the revised document to John so that he can send it on to Ann Montanaro.

5. Old/New Business

The username/password for Luna on the public machines is no longer demo. The new username is public, and the password is luna.

6. Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting is scheduled for November 18. As usual, on Tuesday, 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Recorded by John Maxymuk

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_03-10-21.shtml
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