Minutes of May 17, 2005 Meeting

A Butman, N. Gonzaga, P. Johnson, K. McGuire, D. Voorhees and via teleconference K. Au, S. Bartz, M. Belasco, K. Kuehl, S. Lee, J. Maxymuk, A. Ruggiero.

1. Systems Update

The OCLC Connection Client will be upgraded to 1.4 by June 1. Passport is going away.

New art software is being installed at Douglas.

As a quality check, Ann B. has begun emailing a questionnaire to staff that have their pcs swapped out. The questionnaire asks whether all applications are working and any old files are missing.

The deadline for requests for changes to the upcoming Fall public image is June 1.

2. New/Old Business

We discussed RU Link as a calendar system.

The pages on our Best Practices web site need to be reexamined and revised as necessary so we can market the site to RUL_everyone.

We need a Best Practices page on the basics of teleconferencing.

John will email Marilyn Wilt regarding whether she is using the Best Practices pages for training new hires.

3. Future Meeting Dates

The next meeting is scheduled for July 19. As usual, on Tuesday, 10AM in the TSB Conference Room.

Reported by John Maxymuk

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