Minutes of September 15, 2009 Meeting

Joe Abraham, Stephanie Bartz, Mary Belasco, Anne Butman, John Gibson, Nick Gonzaga, James Hartstein, Pamela Johnson (recorder), Ken Kuehl, Andrew Ruggiero, Rich Sandler, Chris Singh, Darryl Voorhees
Ashwin Bijur, John Maxymuk
Ka-Neng Au, Steve Dalina, Kevin McGuire

1. Systems Update

2. Calendar Project

Anne is looking to start testing of two calendar products, Zimbra and Brown Bear. All (PCWG members) are invited to participate in the testing. The option to test the products one at a time was chosen over testing side by side. As per Mark Winston suggestion, the Admin assistants will also take part in the testing. Anne agrees that the assistants input will have valuable insight. Anne has a request into the Rider IT department, to take a look at their Brown Bear calendar implementation.

3. Goals for the Group

John Maxymuk is waiting for a goals write up from Grace Agnew. Some items expected to be in the write up are:

4. Old / New Business

5. Next meeting

October 20, 10:00 a.m. -12:00p.m. (Recorder: K. Kuehl)

9/18/2009 PPJ

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