Minutes of January 18, 2011 Meeting

J. Abraham (chair), K. Au, A.Bijur, A. Butman, J. Gibson, N. Gonzaga, J. Harstein, K. McGuire (recorder), J. Mulez, A. Ruggiero, R. Sandler, C. Singh
P. Johnson, K. Kuehl
S. Bartz, M. Belasco, J. Maxymuk, D. Voorhees

Reports and Follow-up:

IIS (Anne Butman)/RULMail Migration Mid-year Summary:

Anne reported that all but 30 to 40 accounts have been migrated, and will be scheduling the remainder shortly. There were eight, well-attended training sessions given by either OIT or IIS staff, and no more general training sessions are scheduled. However there will be more in-depth training sessions devoted to particular topics, e.g., filtering, based upon user request , in the future.

In other IIS business Anne reports that re-imaging the public computers is essentially done. Due to construction at ALEX about 20 computers remain. Mac hard drives have been sent out to the UCSs for their reimaging, and the move to IE8 will occur once RIAS work is completed. Antivirus updating on staff computers is in process, and Anne advises manually uninstalling Trend Micro first for best results. The new antivirus updates need to be done by the end of January. Illiad was successfully moved to new hardware; a few scripts remain to be completed today (1/18/11).

Backup Subgroup (Nick Gonzaga)/Mid-year Summary:

Nick reported that testing with the 42 volunteers continued with the Master Backup vs. Windows Backup investigation. He says they are still looking for a better solution and that they have been encouraged to seek advice from outside consultants, for whom Ashwin is creating a network diagram. A February implementation is still the goal.

Goal Progression (with Mid-year summaries):

a) Technical Skills Series (John Gibson):

John says the goal of one training session per month for the Spring and Fall semesters is on track, and that The Learning Center may call on UCSs for support, e.g., in Word or Excel training. He is using Sakai for storing teaching documents as a one-source method of sharing information. Advertising remains to be done and volunteers are welcome.

b) Lending Laptop Program (Kevin McGuire):

Kevin shared loan statistics for the Netbook pilot program at the Art Library. There were just over 200 total loans, by 111 unique users, over the Fall Semester. Approximately 70% of the borrowers were one-time-only users, the overwhelming majority being undergraduates, with however the two single largest users being graduate students, who borrowed a Netbook a total of 34 times between them. Advertising seemed to help dramatically once it was in place. The user survey response (16 out of 111 unique users) was overwhelmingly positive. One laptop was lost, and paid for, raising the issue of exactly how liability should work in the future. Kevin is to survey other libraries as to whether they want to consider the program. He reiterated Kilmer Library's enthusiasm for such a project.

c) PCWG goals: Desktop Videoconferencing (Rich Sandler):

Rich continues to research, test and promote desktop videoconference software in support of RUL online communications and virtual reference.

Rich reported that there are over (30) videoconference software currently available. He recommends Skype and Adobe Connect-Now for (free) one to one videoconference communication, and Adobe Connect Pro for multisite videoconferences (PCWG was given four licenses by the Continuing Ed dept.)

He reported that Adobe Connect Pro software was used twice, in January, for RUL online meetings. Laura Mullen hosted an online, ALA Psychology meeting, with attendees from 20 different universities. Triveni Kuchi hosted an AAMES conference with 15 attendees.

Both, videoconferences utilized the software's voice, video, text chat, note pad, and screen sharing capabilities. Laura and Treveni are enthusiastic about using Connect Pro for future meetings. Rich believes that in some situations, Adobe Connect Pro is a viable alternative to large room Tele- videoconference systems.

PCWG goal: videoconference software used for online reference

Rich and Tom Glynn demonstrated, Adobe Connect Now at the January 7, New Brunswick Information Services Group (NBISG) meeting. They will demonstrate it again at the State of the Libraries meeting and discuss how its communication tools are ideal for online reference.

c) RUWireless Guest Account Tool (J. Abraham, A. Butman):

Joe and Anne are still waiting to hear back from OIT before they can proceed. John Gibson reported that guest NetID accounts have been created in Camden, with a sponsoring RU faculty person to take responsibility, with a time-limit of seven days before the account automatically terminated. Anne plans to meet with OIT within two weeks and will discuss OIT's policy with them.

d) State of the Libraries (Joe Abraham):

Joe said the three projects - Videoconferencing, Netbook lending, and the Technical Skills Series - will be on display, with Rich, Kevin, and John there to demonstrate.

Other Business:

Fordham Lab Use (Andrew Ruggiero):

Andrew provided some usage statistics for the 12 workstations in the Fordham Lab. About 40% of the patrons are using the specialized software specific to the lab; 26% are video editing, and 16% doing musical work. There were 869 unique users in the Fall Semester. Their hours have been harmonized with Media Services, which he thinks has resulted in the significant increase in lab use to about 1000 people per month. They have hired a manager for the lab.

Mid-year report (Joe Abraham):

Joe reminded the relevant people of the need to forward their short (200 word) summaries for the midyear report he is compiling.

Experience Sharing:

Rich announced that Media Services and Fordham Lab will have an open house February 1. Au reports that the public Macs are very popular in Newark. Anne says they are considering buying more Macs as public computers for RUL. John reported major construction still in progress at Robeson, and that when completed the total number of public computers in Robeson (both OIT & RUL) will be about 190, highest in the system. James reported virus scan updates will be finished in the IHLs this week. Joe reported that ALEX is still down a number of public computers due to construction, with PC Reservation computers, especially, temporarily down from 12 to 5. Andrew said all re-imaging is finished at Douglass, with just the Macs to be done. Kevin seconded Au's comment on the popularity of the Macs, and noted that the default option when printing from the Macs was now the much- preferred computer lab, rather than the Print Release Station. Anne said that with the next re-imaging in the summer the actual names of the printing options will be reworded for greater clarity.

Next meeting: February 15th, 2011.

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