Minutes of November 15, 2011 Meeting

K. Au (recorder), S. Bartz, A. Butman, J. Gibson, N. Gonzaga, J. Mulez, A. Ruggiero (Chair), R. Sandler, C. Singh
J. Abraham, A. Bijur, K.McGuire, P. Johnson, D. Voorhees.

1. Integrated Information Systems (A.Butman)

  1. Relais update to be made available and installed on Nov. 16. There is a change to the URL.
  2. Workflows 3.4 installation needs be completed by the end of this week, Nov. 19 for all Symphony 3.4 testers. Please inform C.Sterback when the installs are complete.
  3. LSM classroom podium connectivity problems continue to persist.
  4. The cutoff date for changes to the Spring image for public PCS is December 1.
  5. VOIP Chang is migrating now, with final cut-over to the 848 area code by December 5. ALEX and TSB will be handled in phase 2A.
  6. Emergency 911 testing (between 5-8am) will continue until December 5.

2. Backup subgroup update (N.Gonzaga)

  1. The tests have revealed problems with slowness of the network and/or the PCs.
  2. New plan is to test backups after 5pm with different settings.
  3. The 16 testers will be informed when this plan is approved.

3. Videoconference equipment update (R.Sandler)

  1. Tibor has formed a videoconference team to examine and improve the RUL system. A vendor/consultant will meet with members of the team at ALEX on November 17. We expect to get an idea of the cost to upgrade our obsolete equipment, but an independent consultant may be required to provide us with an objective report.
  2. In 2012, Adobe Connect Pro desktop videoconferencing software will require license holders to be logged into meetings. This change will require extra coordination between the PCWG license holders and the library faculty users.
  3. The Nov. 30 -State of the Libraries event will be videoconferenced from the Livingston Student center to Newark and Camden. Bob Gerdes of OIRT will provide us with the equipment and his expertise.

4. New business

  1. PCWG involvement in upcoming RUL training sessions (J.Gibson) The training committee (under M.Wilt) is currently assessing training needs of RUL staff.

5. Experience sharing

  1. J.Gibson: animated digital door signs are now up.
  2. A.Ruggiero: two touch-screen PCs have been ordered, and are planned to be deployed as Web kiosks. Public patrons have complained about the frequent and consistent unavailability of PCs. A.Butman informed the group that actual uptime statistics show that DGLSS PCs are at 97% for the year.
  3. A.Butman: RU Wireless connectivity problems are to be reported on a Web form, to be made available soon.
  4. K.McGuire: Lending laptop program is proceeding.

Next meeting on December 20.

URL: http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu/rul/staff/systems/pcwg/minutes/pcwg_11-11-15.shtml
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