Guidelines for Student Employees
Technical and Automated Services
September 2002

Welcome to Technical and Automated Services of the Rutgers University Libraries. Our students are an integral part of TAS, and we depend on you for a number of the activities that take place here. We want your time here to be a valuable part of your education at Rutgers, and a mutually beneficial experience for all of us. To that end, we would like to make you aware of the policies regarding student employees in Technical and Automated Services.


University regulations mandate that students cannot exceed 20 hours of work per week when classes or exams are in session. Up to 40 hours per week, if warranted, may be worked in the summer with prior approval of your supervisor. Students are required to clock in and out on the ClockTrak system. Tampering with the ClockTrak/TimeTrak system, or fraudulent reporting of hours, is grounds for immediate dismissal.

Reporting to Work

We have provided a form for you with your supervisor's name and telephone number. You must inform your supervisor by telephone as soon as possible if you will be late or absent. Being absent from work without calling your supervisor is grounds for immediate dismissal. Absences for illness, emergencies, or class-related activities will be excused, and you may arrange with your supervisor to reschedule your hours. Adhere to your schedule as closely as possible, as it is often difficult at best to reschedule computer time, or for your supervisor to arrange to have someone else do your work.

Students may work only during the hours that their supervisors are present in TAS. If your supervisor is absent or must attend to business outside TAS, a backup person will be designated to supervise your work and provide assistance. The department head will be notified as to whom will be serving as the backup supervisor.

TAS officially closes at 6:00 p.m., and students are not permitted to work after that time. The exception is Systems students, who help to provide around the clock service to the Libraries and University.


Student employees are limited to working 5 hours at a time, with one 15 minute break. At the 5 hour point, you must sign out and take at least a 15 minute break before you begin working again.


Limit personal conversation, and be considerate of others. TAS is a very open work environment where noise easily carries. Disruptive or offensive conduct will not be tolerated.

Office Equipment

Building phones are to be used only for work-related matters. Do not use the phones for other in- coming or out-going personal calls. If someone in your family needs to contact you, he/she may call the section. Notify your supervisor in advance when you are expecting a personal call in regard to an emergency or family business. Likewise, if you own a cell phone, we ask you to refrain from making and receiving calls during working hours. Please limit cell phone use to emergencies, and notify your supervisor in advance that you are expecting a call and may need to use your cell phone.

Likewise, use the building computers only for work related matters. We ask that you refrain from reading your email or searching the Internet during your working hours, and do not use the computers for class assignments or other non-work related matters.

Library Resources

Your employment in TAS entitles you to knowledge of the use of a variety of hardware and software, which could include computers in both staff and public areas, the Libraries' Novell networks and the University network, email, the circulation system, and the library catalog. With that knowledge comes a responsibility to use only the equipment and functions you have been trained and authorized to use. Unauthorized use of library resources will result in disciplinary action and/or dismissal.

Any student employee who is dismissed for unauthorized use of library resources will be reported to the appropriate Dean of Students for further disciplinary action.

Direct questions about your work, hours, departmental policies, or other work-related issues to your supervisor.

We look forward to having you with us. Many of our student employees stay with us for the duration of their college education. In addition to contributing to the services of TAS, your job will also provide you with the experience of working in a professional setting.

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