Cataloging Statistics: Definitions and Instructions

Statistical data is gathered on type of cataloging (e.g., copy or complex) and material format (monograph, serial, map, or others). Unicorn reports compile these statistics based on the ITEMCAT2 category, the Date Modified, and the Date Cataloged. ALL completed catalog records must have a date in the Date Cataloged control field, and a value in the ITEMCAT2 field on the Item Record.

ITEMCAT2 categories and definitions

COMPLEX - Complex Cataloging [Newly Received Library Resource]

  1. Copy found in source databases (e.g., OCLC, RLIN) differs with respect to edition, publisher, publication date, language, or format (e.g., microform/book).
  2. Copy found is only an acquisitions-type record (e.g., Blackwell packing slip record, Casilini Libri record).
  3. No cataloging copy.
  4. Exact record whose name or subject heading is added, deleted or upgraded.
  5. Exact record requiring a new call number.

COPY - Copy Cataloging [Newly Received Library Resource]

  1. Matching online record from any source, including LC, Blackwell, RLIN, and OCLC.
  2. Matching record with minor differences in record, e.g., typos.
  3. Matching record requiring local notes (e.g., defective copy, limited edition).
  4. Matching record whose series is added, deleted or upgraded.
  5. Matching record requiring a modified call number due to local series treatment which differs from that on the record used.
  6. CIP, including Blackwell CIP records.
  7. Matching NUC record keyed into IRIS and tagged using MARC tagging.

NEW LIB - New Library Added [Newly Received Library Resource]

A copy or volume is added to an existing IRIS record, when no copies for that library are on the record

ORIGINAL - Original Contributions [Newly Received Library Resource]

This is a subset of Complex Cataloging for which all of the following are true:

  1. 040 |cNjR
  2. Does NOT have 035 |a(OCoLC)

RECAT - Recat

Within IRIS, cataloging changes that are substantially different from what was done previously, e.g., a serials-to- monographs recat.

RECON - Retrospective Conversion

Work done as part of our retrospective conversion projects.

V/C ADD - Added Volumes/Copies [Newly Received Library Resource]

A copy or volume is added to an existing IRIS record, when other copies or volumes for that same library are already on the record.

Newly Received Library Resource

An item not previously cataloged for the Rutgers University Libraries, and items newly added to the RUL collections. Excludes RECON and RECAT categories.

June 17, 2003/Catalog Librarians
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