Additional Things to Remember When Selecting Records from OCLC

  1. Remember to open every OCLC record for review. Review of a record cannot be based on the title list alone.
  2. When you see that there are holdings in NJR on the OCLC record, STOP!
  3. GMD's and format must match the item in hand.
  4. O50 _4 and 090 are acceptable for order records when there is no 050 00 available. However, they need to be reviewed by a section head or other appropriate staff or faculty member. Copy catalogers cannot accept 050 _4's and 090's.
  5. For ordering purposes, it is okay to accept records without LCSH, when these are the only records available. However, this is not acceptable for Cataloging.
  6. OCLC's Guidelines for when to input a new record:

Last updated November 4, 2008
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