Authority Control in Unicorn WorkFlows August 2001

Training Objectives

Why Authority Control?

Example 1: Author’s name varies

"Since the author gives his name as David Levering Lewis, why don’t we provide access under that form of the name? I'm not sure about cataloging rules, but it would certainly save the public time."

Lewis, David L., 1936-
  x Lewis, David Levering, 1936-

Example 2: Same name, different fellows

"When one does an author search on Samuel Richardson, 58 of the 59 hits refer to the 18th century novelist, 1 to a clergyman whose "flourishing dates" are given in the record. Is there a way of separating these two fellows? Thanks."

Example 3: Name varies — a lot

"This author is the same woman who wrote 'Constitutional Equality' under the name of Claflin--but it doesn’t come up when I do an author search for Claflin."

Authority Control record:
Cook, Tennessee Claflin, Lady, 1845-1923
  x Claflin, Tennie C. (Tennie Celeste), 1845-1923
  x Cook, Tennessee Celeste Claflin, Lady, 1845-1923

Authority Control

Method by which a library standardizes headings used in the catalog record. Enhances access by bringing together variant forms of headings under one authorized heading.

Authority Record

Contains a single authorized heading used in the catalog. May also contain cross-references from variant forms, or to related terms including broader terms. May include notes explaining usage of the heading and related headings.

Cross References

“Search under”
Refers users from an unauthorized heading to the authorized form of the heading
“Search also under”
Refers users to other valid headings that are related to the authorized heading in a variety of ways

Basic MARC tags

1XX in every record
Established Heading

100 Personal name
110 Corporate name
111 Meeting name (Conference)
130 Uniform title (series)
150 LC Subject Heading
151 Geographic name

Basic MARC tags

Tags for “Search Under” references

400 Personal name
410 Corporate name
411 Meeting name (Conference)
430 Uniform title (series)
450 LC Subject Heading
451 Geographic name

Basic MARC tags

Tags for “Search also under” references

500 Personal name
510 Corporate name
511 Meeting name (Conference)
530 Uniform title (series)
550 LC Subject Heading
551 Geographic name

Authority Record Structure

Browse Authority

Browse Authority

Displays a list of authority terms in the alphabetic vicinity of the term

Headings from 1XX fields:
Preceded by “A”

Headings from 4XX fields:
Preceded by “x”

Browse Authority

5XX cross references

  • cannot be searched in WorkFlows
  • do not display in Browse Authority results

Browse Authority

Pop-up Glossary

  • Click on underlined heading to see brief authority information
  • To avoid the glossary, click on either side of the entry
    • Click on the arrow, not the hand

Lookup Term

Displays a single authority record

  • Searches the complete and exact entry
  • No truncation allowed
  • Must include qualifiers and subfields
  • Searches 1XX, 4XX, 5XX

Lookup ID

WorkFlows Display Changes

Authority Control Display icons on toolbar

Browse Authority
Lookup Term
Lookup ID

WorkFlows Display Changes

Bibliographic Record

     Only displays in MARC tag view

Authorities Helper (Shield)
     Checks heading against local authority file

WorkFlows Display Changes

Browse Results Screen

Authorities Processing at RUL

RUL and Vendor Files

On Your Own …

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MARC21 Concise Format for Authority Control


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