George Howes Whittle

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Biographical Profile of New Jersey Artist: George Howes Whittle, 1848-1921. (photocopy)

Four woodblocks with original art on surface, prepared for engraving (includes notes and writing on block backs)

19 wood engraving tools. (Note identifies Timothy cole as having given "many" of these tools to Whittle.)

Visor (Note ascribes provenance to Timothy Cole)

Five photographs, mounted on cardboard, of the interior of the Century Company offices on Union Square in New York City. Photographs date to the early twentieth century.

Photographs include:

  • Artist Tudor Jenks and editor W.F. Clarke discuss a project.
  • Century employees at work in the business office.
  • Editor Richard Watson Gilder works at desk while associate editor Robert Underwood Johnson gives dictation.
  • Business office interior.
  • Office suite interior.