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Journal Citation Reports is a comprehensive and unique resource that allows you to evaluate and compare journals using citation data drawn from over 7,500 scholarly and technical journals from more than 3,300 publishers in over 60 countries. It is the only source of citation data on journals, and includes virtually all areas of science, technology, and social sciences. Journal Citation Reports can show you the:

  • Most frequently cited journals in a field
  • Highest impact journals in a field
  • Largest journals in a field

Citation and article counts are important indicators of how frequently current researchers are using individual journals. By tabulating and aggregating citation and article counts, JCR offers a unique perspective for journal evaluation and comparison. (Thomson)


Available from the JCR homepage as "Information for New Users." From all other pages, help is available from top left corner.

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The Science Edition contains data from almost 6000 journals in the areas of science and technology. The Social Sciences Edition contains data from roughly 1700 social sciences journals.

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Data is presented for journal titles and subject areas. Data covers number of articles published, impact factors for individual journals, and number of citations to each journal for each year covered.

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Science Citation Index Journal Citation Reports and Social Sciences Citation Index Journal Citation Reports.
See the for various formats and years.

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