Library Annex

The Rutgers University Libraries Annex is a remote storage facility located on the Busch Campus. The Libraries Annex opened in 1982 and the three-story construction is designed to house approximately one-half million volumes in a closed stacks temperature-controlled environment. Infrequently used periodicals, monographs, government documents, and archives are stored at the Libraries Annex.

On-Site Use of Annex Materials

Library materials that are stored at the Annex may be used in the reading room during hours the Annex is open. Materials from Special Collections and University Archives (SC/UA) that are stored at the Annex cannot be consulted on-site; see "Archival Materials at the Annex" below for instructions on requesting these materials.

The stacks in the Annex are closed to patrons and browsing is not permitted. Annex staff retrieve requested library materials from the shelves. To expedite retrieval of library materials for on-site use, users may call ahead to the Annex at 848-445-2089. Please search QuickSearch for the title and call number of the items you wish to use before calling the Annex.

Circulation of Annex Materials

Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff and guest borrowers may check out circulating items from the Annex. Borrowers must present a valid RUconnection card or borrower card with barcode when charging out books; no other identification is acceptable.

Periodicals, reference materials, and some government documents do not circulate and cannot be charged out to patrons. The Annex staff will send them to other libraries for in-library use by Rutgers students, faculty, and staff.

Many items in the Annex do not circulate because of their age or fragile condition. These items must be used in the reading room at the Annex and cannot be delivered to other Rutgers libraries.

Delivery of Annex Materials

Rutgers University students, faculty, and staff may request delivery of books to another Rutgers library and copies of articles from the Annex collection. Sign in to QuickSearch and click Request in the record of the item you want. for books. Eligible books will be delivered to the locations listed in the Pickup/Delivery Locations pull down menu on the form, where they can be either checked out or used in the library. Some Annex materials are restricted for on-site use and patrons must visit the Annex to use them in the reading room.

Sign in to QuickSearch and click Electronic Delivery in the record of the item you want, or go directly to the Interlibrary Loan and Article Delivery Services web page to request a periodical article from the Libraries Annex collection. Articles will be scanned and delivered to the user's desktop via the Web.

If an item at the Annex is not listed in QuickSearch, please contact the main Interlibrary Loan office directly at 848-932-6005 (9 am - 5 pm on regular business days).

Archival Materials at the Annex

Material from Special Collections and University Archives that are stored at the Annex may not be used at the Annex. Materials must be requested in advance through SC/UA staff on the College Avenue Campus in New Brunswick. The SC/UA reference desk can be reached by phone at 848-932-6159. SC/UA staff will arrange for delivery of requested materials to the SC/UA reading room, which is located on the lower level of the Alexander Library building.

Photocopy Equipment

There is one photocopy machine available for patron use. Copy cards are available for purchase in $1, $5, and $10 denominations. There is no vending machine to add value to a copy card. Photocopying of certain items may be prohibited due to the age or physical condition of the material.

Self Service Scanning

Public scanning stations are available throughout the libraries. Scan options allow for various file formats including pdf, tiff, and jpeg, black and white or color images, optical character recognition, cropping, and more. The choices for destination of scanned images are:

  • scan to email
  • scan to USB
  • scan to Google Docs
  • scan to smartphone or tablet via QR code

Please direct questions to Dean Meister, Branch Manager at

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Library Annex

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