Mary Beth Weber

Head, Central Technical Services
Central Technical ServicesLibrarian, Scholarly Communication and Collections
Library Faculty, Universitywide


Library Technical Services Building

47 Davidson Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-5603

Mary Beth Weber is the Head of Central Technical Services, a department that handles resource procurement, resource description, and digital projects.  She has held this position since 2008.  Previously, she was Head of Cataloging and Metadata Services (2004-2008), and also served as the Special Formats Catalog Librarian and the Head of Copy Cataloging. 



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Technical and Automated Services, Rutgers University Libraries, New Brunswick, NJ, June 1989-present 

Head, Central Technical Services Department, May 2008-present

• Provide strategic direction for the acquisition and resource description of library resources in all formats through the management of seven departmental sections.

• Collaborate with faculty colleagues regarding library-wide planning, budgeting and policy development.

• Develop, implement, and maintain departmental policies and procedures.

Head, Cataloging and Metadata Services Department, October 2004-May 2008. [Also served as Acting Head, Cataloging Department, July 1998-January 1999, when former Head was on sabbatical]

• Oversight of MARC and non-MARC resource description and database maintenance activities through management of six departmental sections.

• Developed and implemented departmental policies and procedures • Promoted the Libraries’ Digital Initiative through coordination of digital projects and by providing guidance and instruction in the use of established and evolving metadata schemas.

Special Formats Catalog Librarian, June 1989-October 2004

• Supervised the cataloging of two full-time library associates who provided resource description for sound recordings, scores, visual materials, microforms, cartographic materials, electronic resources, and print monographs

• Collaborated with Public Services and Collection Development librarians to provide innovative and timely access to special formats materials with an emphasis on electronic resources by contributing original cataloging records for these materials to the Libraries’ ILS and the RLIN and OCLC union catalogs

Head, Contact and Copy Cataloging Section and Special Formats Cataloger, September 1992-July 2000 [Served as Acting Head, June, 1992-September 1992]

• Supervised the resource description work of seven full-time library assistants

• Coordinated pre-catalog searching and copy cataloging activities for the Libraries’ ILS, and the RLIN and OCLC union catalogs

• Revised the copy cataloging workflow to transition staff from using paper work forms to cataloging directly online

• Provided original cataloging for visual materials, sound recordings, maps, microforms, and electronic resources

Jackson Library, Lander University, Greenwood, SC, August 1986-May 1989 Assistant Cataloger and Reference Librarian

• Provided original and copy cataloging for resources in a variety of formats

• Provided reference assistance

• Taught bibliographic instruction courses and special courses by request

• Served as an academic advisor to students with undeclared majors