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Judit Hajnal Ward

Judit Hajnal Ward
Science Reference/Instruction Librarian and Liaison to Center of Alcohol Studies
Library Faculty, New Brunswick Libraries
Library of Science and Medicine
165 Bevier Road
Piscataway, NJ 08854-8009
Judit Hajnal Ward's picture

Judit H. Ward is a research librarian with demonstrated interest in multidisciplinary and cross-cultural topics throughout her entire career. Her current scholarly activities cover broad but related fields with the main focus of facilitating research, publication, and education in addiction science. Her practice and research are directed to key areas of information science, providing a crucial part of the research infrastructure and assisting researchers with interpreting trends and identifying evolving needs. She has been instrumental in discovering and recommending resources and tools emerging in technology and scholarly communication, such as the latest opportunities scholarly social media provides.

Judit H. Ward earned his doctoral degree in linguistics at the University of Debrecen, Hungary, after completing her master level studies in English and Hungarian literature and linguistics. She received her MLIS at Rutgers. She is senior member of the Academy of Health Information Professionals.

For the most current information on the transition of the Alcohol Library, please visit this temporary page.



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For more and for full text: SOAR (Scholarly Open Access at Rutgers, ResearchGate, BEPress Selected Works, Google Scholar Citations.

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Rutgers University

Center of Alcohol Studies: Director of Information Services
School of Communication and Information: Adjunct Faculty
(since 09/2007)
Libraries Technical and Automated Services, Acquisitions Department:
Foreign Titles Specialist (01/2003-08/2007)
Institute for Hungarian Studies: Visiting Professor

University Medical School of Debrecen, Hungary

Department of Foreign Languages: Language Teacher
Library of the Foreign Language Department, Part Time Librarian
Library of the Department of Biophysics: Librarian, Language Consultant



  • Focus on innovation in research support and customized, user-centered library services
  • Direct experience with information technology and digital libraries in an academic/research setting
  • Original research on topics in library and information science, cross-cultural communication, and foreign language acquisition
  • Proven track record of strong leadership skills in diverse positions in the US and Europe
  • 20+ years of management experience in an academic setting
  • 30+ years of instruction both in the classroom and online
  • Mentoring graduate students, career changers, and visiting scholars
  • Strong interest in facilitating successful multicultural work environment


Recent Funding

2015-2016 -- R4R: Reading for Recovery. A Carnegie-Whitney Grant from the American Library Association to create an online collection of titles to complement the support system for people with substance use problems

2015 -- A.A. Heckman Endowed Fellowship (Archive Project at the Hazelden-Betty Ford Foundation)

Editorial Activities

Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs  –   executive board member; field editor (history, infrastructure) since 2015
JSAD News - associate editor (since 2015)
Substance Abuse Library and Information Studies  – founding editor  (since 2014)
Könyvtári Figyelő [Library Review], Budapest, Hungary  – editorial board member, reviewer (since 2013)
Könyv, könyvtár, könyvtáros [Books, libraries, librarians] – North American correspondent, guest editor (since 2009)
CAS Information Services Newsletter (Rutgers, Center of Alcohol Studies) - founding editor (2007-2016)
Library - Information - Society Newsletter, Budapest, Hungary (KIT Hírlevél) – editor (2011-2012)