Logging in at Rutgers Libraries

The Libraries offer several different services that require a login. Most of the services use your Rutgers NetID/password but some of them also allow library barcode and password for affiliate users. Contact any service desk if you have questions about your credentials. 

The services that require login are:

  • RUWireless, campus wireless network
  • Off-campus access to databases and licensed resources
  • My Account, in QuickSearch, for managing checkouts, requests, renewals, etc.
  • Interlibrary loan services (E-ZBorrow, ILLiad, UBorrow)
  • Rutgers Delivery Service (request item delivery between Rutgers libraries)
  • Course Reserves
  • Public PC logins (most on-site computers)
  • RefWorks, a web-based bibliographic citation manager
  • RUcore services such as faculty deposits
  • RU ETD submissions, for submitting electronic theses and dissertations

Remote Access Login

The Libraries obtain many indexes, databases, electronic journals, electronic reserves, and other full-text resources through commercial licensing agreements that restrict access to current students, faculty, and staff and all onsite users. Onsite users may gain access at one of the Rutgers branch libraries, but only current students, faculty and staff of the university may connect from remote locations.

To access these restricted resources from off campus, you must identify yourself as a Rutgers user by logging in with your Rutgers NetID/password or Library Barcode/password. Once you identify yourself as an authorized Rutgers' user, you will be able to use most of the Libraries' restricted resources from off-campus.

If you have a Rutgers NetID and do not remember what it is you may look it up using the NetID Query. If you do not yet have a Rutgers NetID you may create a NetID account.

For more information, see How do I connect from off-campus.

Special Classes of Users

Some classes of users are not eligible for or cannot use a Rutger NetID to gain access to restricted resources and must use a Library Barcode/password. The user groups that fit into this category are:

  • Faculty Emeriti
    • To receive a Library Barcode/password, Faculty Emeriti may register in-person or via phone.
  • Visiting Scholars
    • Visiting scholars must register in-person at any Rutgers library circulation desk and present a valid RUconnection ID card.
  • Specific Rutgers/UMDNJ joint degree programs, such as the Rutgers/UMDNJ Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences (GSBS) and the School of Public Health (SPH) on the New Brunswick and Piscataway campuses

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to login with my NetID, but it's just giving me some sort of message about cookies.

You see this message when your browser is set not to accept cookies.

In order for the remote access server to keep track of users that have already logged in, it will send a cookie to your browser that you will need to accept. This is a session based cookie only and does not in any way store any information about sites you have visited.

If you have disabled cookies on your browser, you will need to change this setting in order to login. 

If you are having problems enabling cookies, please submit your question to Ask a Librarian. Be sure to specify your operating system and browser, and the browser version.

I logged in with my NetID, but when I use my bookmark to go to ScienceDirect it won't let me look at any articles.

By using a bookmark that you set up before you started using the NetID login, even though you're still logged in you've become "disassociated" from the proxy server.

By "disassociated" we mean that at some point during your browsing session, after properly logging in, your location/URL "lost" the proxy.libraries.rutgers.edu part of the URL. When you login, your (anonymous) requests go through a re-writing proxy server (proxy.libraries.rutgers.edu) that is able to present RU credentials to vendors in order to authorize your access.

Doing any of the following during a session can cause the proxy server to assume that you're no longer connected:

  • Using a bookmark that was set up before you started using the NetID login
  • Using an article link that you emailed to yourself from a campus computer
  • Clicking on home
  • Going directly to http://www.libraries.rutgers.edu as your homepage
  • Typing a URL into the location bar that doesn't include the proxy, ie., "proxy.libraries.rutgers.edu"
  • Attempting to connect to a restricted resource from a non-RU Libraries page
  • Doing a web search and clicking on a link to a restricted resource from a non RU Libraries web page
  • Clicking on a link to restricted resource from another University's web site

To connect to a restricted resource through the Rutgers proxy server, make sure you are accessing the resource directly from a Rutgers Libraries' web page.

Once you've connected from the Libraries' page, you can bookmark the new 'proxied' address. As long as "proxy.libraries.rutgers.edu" appears before the web address of the restricted resource, you should be able to login and be recognized as an authorized Rutgers user.

I have my browser configured to connect with my Library Barcode, but I've forgotten my Password.

If you do not have or have forgotten your password, visit or call the circulation desk of any Rutgers Library.

I'm trying to login with my Rutgers Libraries Barcode and password but they're not being recognized.

There may be a number of reasons why your Barcode/password are not being recognized.

  • How recently were you issued your barcode and/or password?

If your barcode and/or password were only issued today, they are not yet available for remote access. Newly-issued barcodes/passwords will not be recognized by the proxy server until the following day. They will however, work immediately in QuickSearch. Try the numbers there to make sure that you're using the correct numbers.

  • ​Have you previously gone to and changed your password to a combination of letters and numbers, or just letters?

If there are alpha characters in your password, they must be capitalized even if they were originally entered as lowercase.

I'm trying to use one of the Libraries’ online databases and it keeps asking me for a username and password. Nothing I've tried works; what password am I supposed to be using?

The only credentials required to access the Libraries’ databases and electronic resources are your Rutgers NetID and password. In order to ensure that you are properly recognized as an authorized Rutgers user, you must access all restricted resources directly from the Rutgers Libraries website. 

I've been using library databases remotely all semester, but tonight when I try to connect to PsycINFO I'm being asked for an ID and Password.

If you are able to access other Rutgers restricted resources but are being asked to login when you try to connect to a specific database such as PsycINFO or Factiva, it is most likely because you are trying to use that database at a time when the number of simultaneous users that Rutgers has contracted for has already been reached. In this case, please try again in 10-15 minutes. If the problem persists, please write to Ask a Librarian.

I live right on campus and my dorm is wired so I can connect to the Rutgers network. But when I tried to use some electronic journals today it wouldn't let me in. What's the problem?

Unfortunately, due to the way the local networks were set up, there are sometimes connectivity problems to library resources for students living in the Rutgers apartments.

If you have followed the instructions at the Rutgers Residential Networking site and properly registered your on-campus computer, and find that you are not able to access certain library resources, please write to Ask a Librarian and tell us the specific resource you were unable to access and where you were trying to access it from.

Until the problem is resolved, you should still be able to access restricted library resources by logging in with your Rutgers NetID.

Still have questions?  Ask a Librarian.