What is Articles+?

What is Articles+?

Articles+ allows you to search for journal, magazine, and newspaper articles from hundreds of library databases. It also provides access to book chapters, conference papers, dissertations, and reviews. Articles+ is not comprehensive. For coverage details see What databases are included in Articles+?

What's included in Articles+?

  • Hundreds of library databases including Academic Search Premier, JSTOR, Science Direct, Web of Science, and more
  • Over 40,000 journals and periodicals from publishers such as Wiley, Springer, Elsevier, and Oxford University Press
  • For coverage details see What databases are included in Articles+?

When would I use Articles+?

  • As a starting point for finding articles on a topic
  • When conducting research outside of your field of expertise
  • When conducting interdisciplinary research that spans a variety of fields

How do I use Articles+?

For instructions and tips on how to find articles using Articles+, see the Articles+ User Guide.

What other resources should I use to find articles?

Indexes and Databases
Search a subject-specific database to find relevant articles on your topic.

Research Guides
Check out our research guides to find information resources specific to your subject area or course.

How do I find an article?
Follow these steps to search for articles in library databases.