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Impact Report

The Rutgers University Libraries Impact Report is published annually. It illustrates the impact the Libraries have on empowering student success, engaging in academic excellence, and contributing to the common good. If you would like to receive a print copy of our impact report, please contact the communications department (

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Annual Reports

Each December, we create an annual report that summarizes the activities, events, and impact of Rutgers University Libraries for the previous calendar year. It is created to keep our key constituents informed of our activities and presents an impressive overview of the many, many ways we support the success of our users and the missions of the university. If you would like to receive a print copy of our annual report, please contact the communications department (

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Published four times a year by the central administrative offices of Rutgers University Libraries, the Newsletter (formerly called the Rutgers University Libraries Report) presents articles about the events and activities of the libraries; profiles of Libraries faculty, staff, and benefactors; descriptions of new resources, and other noteworthy news. The newsletters are mailed to university faculty and administrators, donors to the Libraries, and academic library colleagues across the United States.

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