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In addition to this website, AccessMedicine offers a mobile app. To register for the app, access the website through the link on this page, and then create a MyAccess personal account. Then download the app and log in with your MyAccess account. You will need to access the website through the link on this page and log into the website with your MyAccess account every 90 days to maintain access to the app.


AccessMedicine is a collection of over 100 key medical reference texts that provide authoritative and current medical data. Textbooks are updated continuously with new medical information, and the collection is regularly updated with the most recent edition of each textbook. AccessMedicine also includes medical news, quick reference tools and diagnostic tests, infographics, drug information (including dosages, trade names, and pricing), multimedia presentations and video, cases with practice questions, study tools, and patient education information. Content in this collection is created by professional physicians from around the world.   

Users may create a MyAccess personal account in order to access the mobile app, access review questions, access full cases and their multiple choice questions, and save favorites into folders.  

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Most recent medical information and most recent editions.

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