African American Newspapers (Accessible Archives)

African American Newspapers (Accessible Archives)

African American Newspapers (Accessible Archives) is a full-text collection of the following newspapers originally published by and for African Americans throughout the long 19th century:

  • Christian Recorder, Philadelphia: 1861-1902 [excluding 1892]
  • Colored American, New York: 1837-1841
  • Douglass' Monthly, Rochester, NY: 1859-1863
  • Frederick Douglass' Paper, Rochester, NY: 1851-1855
  • Freedom's Journal, New York: 1827-1829
  • National Era, Washington, D.C.: 1847-1860
  • North Star, Rochester, NY: 1847-1851)
  • Provincial Freeman, Chatham, Ontario: 1854-1857
  • Weekly Advocate, New York: 1837

The full text of each newspaper is searchable and viewable, including all articles, advertisements, works of fiction, poetry, and all other writings published within the newspaper. Each newspaper has been fully digitized, and one can view full-page images of each newspaper page.

Rutgers owns Parts I-XII of this collection, including the Part XII supplement.

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