Agricola is an index produced by the National Agricultural Library that covers all aspects of agriculture, including agronomy, animal science, biology, biotechnology, botany, breeding, chemistry, conservation, crop management, dairy science, ecology, entomology, farm management, feed science, fertilizers, food and nutrition, forestry, horticulture, hydrology, hydroponics, microbiology, nutrition, pesticides, physiology, plant science, pollution, soil science, water quality, and zoology.

A wide variety of content types are indexed in Agricola, including journals, books, pamphlets, conference proceedings, research reports, government documents, monographs, theses, patents, software, audiovisual content, and microforms. The majority of citations are for English-language sources, but over one-third of the database consists of citations for resources in African, Asian, Slavic, and Western European languages. Most citations include indexing and abstracts only, but a small amount of full text is also included.

Agricola is the electronic continuation of the print publication Bibliography of Agriculture. A free version of Agricola is available from the United States Department of Agriculture in its NAL Online Catalog.

Dates covered

1970 - present.

Resource types