AM Explorer

AM Explorer

AM Explorer is an interface that allows you to search across all of Rutgers University Libraries' primary source collections from Adam Matthew. Within AM Explorer, you may view a list of Rutgers' Adam Matthew collections that are cross-searched by this tool. These collections span a wide range of subject areas and include a wide variety of content types, such as manuscripts, letters, diaries, pamphlets, newspapers, artistic works, videos, advertisements, photographs, maps, ephemera, and more. Many of the materials are in English, but several additional languages are represented.

Materials in these collections are sourced from libraries, museums, and cultural heritage institutions around the world. Because Adam Matthew is a British company, a plurality of materials are from British institutions and express British historical perspectives.

All the Adam Matthew collections cross-searched by AM Explorer may also be found on Rutgers University Libraries' Databases page.

Dates covered

15th - 21st centuries.

Adam Matthew