Church Missionary Society Periodicals

Church Missionary Society Periodicals

Church Missionary Society Periodicals is a collection of digitized primary sources originally produced by the Church Missionary Society (CMS), the South American Missionary Society, and the Church of England Zenana Missionary Society (CEZMS) between 1804 and 2009. Founded by British philanthropists in 1799, CMS is an influential Protestant missionary organization with mission stations around the world. This collection provides not only a perspective of Christian mission work, but also world history, colonialism, and globalization. Material types include journals, letters, and reports. Rutgers has access to two modules of content on this platform:

  • Module I: Global Missions and Contemporary Encounters, 1804-2009
  • Module II: Medical Journals, Asian Missions and the Historical Record, 1816-1986

Rutgers does not have access to any other modules on this platform.

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