Perdita Manuscripts

Perdita Manuscripts

Perdita Manuscripts is a collection of digitized writings by Early Modern women. A variety of genres are represented, including poetry, religious writing, autobiographical material, diaries, drama, cookery and medical recipes, and account books. Some of the featured authors are:

  • Esther Inglis
  • Sarah Cowper
  • Margaret Cunningham
  • Mary Evelyn
  • Lucy Hutchinson
  • Lady Elizabeth Lowther
  • Katherine Philips

The original documents are from libraries and archives in the United States and Britain. The database was produced in association with the Perdita Project based at the University of Warwick and Nottingham Trent University, which seeks to rediscover Early Modern women authors whose writings once seemed "lost" because they were only available in manuscript form. This digitized collection preserves their writings, allowing a wide audience to study their works and learn about women's experiences in the Early Modern era.

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