Service Newspapers of World War II

Service Newspapers of World War II

Service Newspapers of World War II is a collection of digitized newspapers originally produced by members of various service branches on both sides of the conflict. Many newspapers are in English, but there are also newspapers in German, Czech, Hindi, Russian, French, Italian, Polish, Hebrew, Afrikaans, Swahili, and African dialects.

Rutgers has access to Modules I & II on this platform, which feature the following highlights:

  • Union Jack, covering news from various fronts between 1943 and 1948
  • Springbok, produced for the South African forces serving in the Middle East
  • The Maple Leaf, published daily for Canadian forces in Britain
  • Stars and Stripes London edition, published daily for the US armed forces in the European theatre
  • Fauji Akhbar, a publication for Indian troops
  • Victory, a magazine for British soldiers serving in India
  • Eighth Army News, a British weekly for forces in Italy
  • The Land Girl, published in Britain for the women’s land army on the home front
  • Parade, published for British forces in the Middle East
  • Yank, a popular magazine for the US armed forces
  • Blighty, a weekly paper for British forces
  • Ceylon Review, a weekly publication for British forces in Ceylon

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