Victorian Popular Culture

Victorian Popular Culture

Victorian Popular Culture is a collection of digitized primary sources depicting popular entertainment in Britain, the United States, and Europe in the long 19th century. Rutgers has access to 4 modules on this platform:

  • Module I: Spiritualism, Sensation and Magic
  • Module II: Circuses, Sideshows and Freaks
  • Module III: Music Hall, Theatre and Popular Entertainment
  • Module IV: Moving Pictures, Optical Entertainments and the Advent of Cinema

Rutgers does not have access to any other modules on this platform.

The collection includes personal accounts, selected periodicals, rare printed books, ephemera, posters, playbills, scripts from the series Dicks’ Standard Plays, photographs, memorabilia, audio recordings of musical hall performances, Victorian era optical entertainments, and early film recordings. Original materials are from libraries, museums, and archives from the United States and Britain.

Dates covered