Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD)

Aristoteles Latinus Database (ALD)

The Aristoteles Latinus Database contains the various texts that were used in the Middle Ages for the study of Aristotle, with a special emphasis on Latin translations. Its heart is all the volumes published in the print Aristoteles Latinus series, which aims to bring together the various forms in which Aristotle's texts were read in the West during the Middle Ages. The Aristoteles Latinus Database also includes Latin translations of Aristotle's works that have not yet been covered by the Aristoteles Latinus series, Latin translations of Greek commentaries and glosses on Aristotle, and other texts used in studies of Aristotle during the Middle Ages.

In total, the Aristoteles Latinus Database contains more than 2.3 million Latin words from over 100 works that are attributed to over 40 authors.

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Modern scholarly editions of Latin translations used in the Middle Ages for the study of ancient texts

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