Connection note

Artstor images are currently available on both Artstor and JSTOR. On August 1, 2024, the Artstor platform will be retired, all Artstor content will be accessed via JSTOR, and the link on this page will direct to Artstor Collections on JSTOR. Please try viewing Artstor Collections on JSTOR prior to August 1, and see the Welcome to JSTOR from ARTSTOR page for more information.

A personal account is required to access many features, including course content posted by instructors in personal collections. 


Artstor is a digital image library of over 2 million images in the areas of art, architecture, the humanities, and social sciences with a set of tools to view, present, and manage images for research and pedagogical purposes. Artstor is a non-profit organization that digitizes and provides high-quality digitized images from numerous museums, academic institutions, and private foundations.

Many features of Artstor are only available if you register for an Artstor personal account. Registering for a personal account will allow you to download images, save images into groups, share your groups with other Artstor users, view groups created by other users (such as collections set up by course instructors), add notes to individual images, set personal display options, and export citations.

Artstor images are also available on the JSTOR platform. You may use your Artstor personal account to log into JSTOR too.

Dates covered

Prehistoric times to the present day.

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