The Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online

Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson Online
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The Cambridge Edition of the Complete Works of Ben Jonson Online is a free collection of the complete works of Ben Jonson accompanied by a wide variety of supplementary materials. The core of the database is the electronic version of the 2012 print publication Cambridge Edition of the Works of Ben Jonson, including all the original introductions, collations, and commentary. These works  are accompanied by digital images and dozens of searchable old-spelling transcriptions of the early printed versions of Jonson’s texts and some of the major manuscripts.

In addition to Jonson's works, the database includes the following additional sections:

  • Records: Contains records related to Jonson's life, performance information for Jonson's Masques,  literary and personal criticism of Jonson dating from 1598-1700, a survey of major dubia (works ascribed to Jonson), and an account of Jonson's  walk from London to Edinburgh.
  • Music: Contains scores and MIDI files of all known music associated with the Jonson canon from before c. 1700, with accompanying information, commentary, and discography.
  • Essays: Contains scholarly writings on Jonson and his works.
  • Reference: Contains a full bibliography of essays and books related to Jonson through 2009, A calendar listing all known performances of Jonson’s plays and masques through 2010 with selected accompanying images, and a chronology of Jonson's life and works.
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16th - 21st century.

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