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CamdenBase is a free index of information about Camden, New Jersey. It contains selected citations to over 6,000 journal, book, and newspaper articles about the city of Camden. These documents cover economic, political, and social events in the city from 1945 to June 2003. 

Researchers can use either a keyword search or browse the database by subjects. Records prior to 1998 are taken from a variety of books, newspapers, and journals. All records dated after 1998 are exclusively for articles from the Courier-Post, the newspaper of record of Camden County. The abstracts of these articles are usually drawn from the lead paragraphs of the articles and are used with permission of the Courier-Post.

CamdenBase is produced by the Reference Department at Paul Robeson Library, Rutgers University Libraries. Please use the contact form in the database if you have questions.

Dates covered

1945 to June 2003.

Resource types
Rutgers University Libraries