The Index of Medieval Art

Index of Medieval Art
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The Index of Medieval Art contains descriptive data for art produced from early apostolic times to the 16th century. It also contains many accompanying art images. The Index’s purpose is to trace the history and evolution of iconographic themes and concepts in early Christian and medieval art in all media (including manuscript illuminations, architectural sculpture, mosaics, and more). Geographically, it concentrates on Europe, the Middle East, and regions influenced by Christianity during the medieval period. The collection’s primary focus is Christian art, but it also includes a growing number of Jewish, Islamic, and secular subjects and works. A wide variety of searching and browsing options are available, including subject, medium, location, style/culture, creator, patron, and more.

This database is the electronic complement and continuation of the print Index of Medieval Art at Princeton University. Begun in 1917 by Professor Charles Rufus Morey of Princeton University, it is the most important and largest archive of medieval art anywhere in the world. Princeton is in the process of adding all the historical records from the print index to this database.

Dates covered

Early apostolic times – 16th century.

Resource types
The Index of Christian Art, Princeton University