Empire Online

Empire Online

Empire Online is a collection of digitized primary sources on the history of empires and empire building in the modern era. The collection focuses on the British Empire, though it also includes materials on American imperialism. The collection is divided into five sections:

  • Section I: Cultural Contacts, 1492-1969
  • Section II: Empire Writing & the Literature of Empire
  • Section III: The Visible Empire
  • Section IV: Religion & Empire
  • Section V: Race, Class, Imperialism and Colonialism, c1607-2007

Materials on the British Empire are written from a range of perspectives; they include not just British documents, but also writings by indigenous peoples of Africa, India, and North America and accounts by French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German observers. Empire Online contains a wide variety of material types, including essays, atlases, monographs, autobiographies, reports of government agencies and voluntary organizations, magazine articles, fiction, sermons, letters, and diaries. In addition, Empire Online features interpretive essays by noted historians, each of which includes links to relevant primary source documents.

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