Global Press Archive

Global Press Archive

Global Press Archive contains digitized historical news sources from around the world. On this platform, Rutgers has access to the newspaper collections that are available to Center for Research Libraries members, including:

  • East African Newspapers (1943-2017)
  • El Caribe Digital Archive (1956 - 2021)
  • Local and Independent Ukrainian Newspapers (1989-2001)
  • Post-Perestroika Newspapers (1984 - 2023)
  • Soviet-Era Ukrainian Newspapers (1899 - 1939)

Rutgers can also access the Open Access collections on this platform (which also are available on the OA version of Global Press Archive). Highlights include:

  • Daily Observer Digital Archive (1981 - 2016)
  • El Mundo Digital Archive (1919 - 1990)
  • Imperial Russian Newspapers (1782-1917)
  • Independent and Revolutionary Mexican Newspapers (1807-1929)
  • Late Qing and Republican-Era Chinese Newspapers (1911-1949)
  • Middle Eastern and North African Newspapers (1870-2019)
  • South Asian Newspapers (1850-1992)
  • Southeast Asian Newspapers (1839-1976)

Each newspaper issue in these collections has been fully digitized and is fully searchable, including all articles, obituaries, advertisements, editorials, and illustrations.

East View also offers additional Global Press Archive newspaper collections for sale. Rutgers has not purchased any of these additional collections.

Dates covered

18th century – 21st century.  

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